Sunday, December 2, 2007

HM's Outmatch The Philippine Team!

December 02, 2007 6:02 PM

PBBCE2_cheer1202.jpgThe housemates were raring for the wheelchair basketball finals since this morning. Most of the guys have repeatedly steered their wheelchairs around the house to better prep themselves up. The long wait finally took its toll though, making them sleepy after their hearty lunch. Then finally they were called inside the confession room where Big Brother instructed them to arrange an impromptu sexy cheer dance before the game.

Notching their thrill were the personalized blue uniforms that they obtained from the storage room – jerseys and shorts for the players then skimpy skirts and midrib sleeveless tops for Gladys and Baron who acted as cheerleaders! Begging for reconsideration, he asked Kuya to give him proper male clothes, all to no avail. It seemed a joke he made yesterday was taken seriously, hence the laughable consequence of his actions.

PBBCE2_cheer1202.jpgIn the activity area, Coach Noel introduced Clover, Gerald, Juanito and Rene, their opponents from the Philippine team. Knowing how tough the competition would be, the housemates prayed hard before the game proper. As it was, they were already on the losing end by the end of first half, leaving their rivals with a 20-point advantage. No amount of teasing pleas from the Wild Child could persuade the Philippine Team to slacken their pace.

Defeated, the housemates requested for a rematch even if it meant endangering 100% of their budget as per Big Brother’s additional stipulation. This time, the boys were more confident with their chances of winning. And unbelievably, they succeeded with flying colors during the second round! So don’t dare miss the complete story of this exciting battle onscreen!

PBBCE2_cheer1202.jpgPrior to this event, Gaby, Gladys and Baron were assigned to think of an appropriate punishment for the English-speaking hunks Jon and Will. Apparently, they failed to refrain from switching to their usual language when talking to their housemates. As such, the trio planned the best course of action for the duo. They decided to require their ‘pupils’ to write Tagalog poems upon Big Brother’s approval of course. Hopefully, this will keep them more in tune with their use of Tagalog words next time. Hm… Will the English Outcast and the True Lover be able to accomplish such feat? We'll know that soon enough. In the meantime, who will catch the highest number of votes in tonight’s nerve-wracking nomination? Find out later on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 at Primetime Bida!

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