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Time Is Of Essence

October 30, 2007 12:43 AM
By: Pbb2 ABS-CBN

PBBCE2_killingtime21029.jpgBig Brother’s plan for the next five days is a far cry from the interspersing challenges that we’ve witnessed last week. But if the housemates initially think that doing nothing is better than embarking on a frenzied activity, they now realize how difficult it is to sit still and wait for the signal to sleep.

Becoming a house guest at this point is certainly unfortunate for Toni Gonzaga who looked like she would go crazy with the tedium inside the big yellow house. She kept asking everyone if it’s always like this. Later, she realized that the absence of tasks is what makes things dull at the moment. Gab agreed saying that though they usually fool around, hilarity comes spontaneously. As it is, laughter is hard to catch because of the pressure to stay on their feet.PBBCE2_PBBhosts1029.jpg

Big Brother is now making them pay for being guilty of too much sleep on their part, hence, the Gising Na Gising Task. In this endeavor, they have to maximize the 25-hour limit of snoozing time throughout the whole week. Cheating is not possible because their in-house TV screen was turned into an electronic clock that will start ticking as soon as they doze off. Even power naps are counted so they agreed to refrain from doing so as this is a team effort.

With a long stretch of time to kill, they thought of playing games like Truth oct29_killingtime.jpgor Dare or Patintero. But the majority opted to simply resume their nonstop chat about anything under the sun. Toni advised however that they should keep their conversations light and easy. Because if they go emotional on each other, they will surely sleep heavily throughout the night.

Actually, they already have a game plan to ensure that they would win, given that they risked a hundred percent bet for this challenge. They decided to sleep from 1 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. But can they really do this? Will they be able to reserve their energy that will last them the whole week with this strict sleep schedule? Stay tuned!

Against All Odds

October 29, 2007 11:24 PM

PBBCE2_racegodess1029.jpgIf there’s one thing that can make Gaby dela Merced glow with happiness, it is being back to the racing world where she’s most comfortable at and where she surely knows what to do even with eyes closed. But after four months without practice, Chief Engineer-slash-Engine Turner Dominique Cuesta advised her to at least do a once-over for her to familiarize herself with the new track lay out.

Her position for the race was then determined through the qualifying time where she came fourth, a good feat considering her lack of practice, said Mr. Cuesta. As soon as the adrenaline-pumping chase began, the Racing Godess’ talent became evident as she easily drove her laps. She wasPBBCE2_champ1029.jpg definitely in control until she encountered an engine trouble as well as a battery problem!

Fortunately, the crew pulled out all stops just to make things possible for Gaby. Defeat was out of the question since she was aware of her great chance of winning. If the car refused to work, it would be totally frustrating, she relayed to Big Brother. And true to her word, she won first place despite being pitted against 2005 Philippine Touring Car Class “B” Champ Dennis Uy and 2004 Driver of the Year Luis Ramirez. As the latter noted, gender is not an issue in this male-dominated arena.

Soon, Gaby returned to Big Brother’s abode, tight-lipped about her spectacular experience in Subic International Raceway.

PBBCE2_toni1029.jpgThat same night, the primetime stretch also made way for celebrity house guest#2 Toni Gonzaga! Reminiscent of Mariel’s sudden entry before, she was shocked with the reality of what’s happening as soon as she saw her personalized set of toiletries! The mainstay host of PBB knew that she would have the same fate as her friend but not at this point. Holding her emotions in check though became impossible when she finally had the chance to talk to her mom on the phone for one minute.

Funnily enough, her concern towards her work remained utmost in her mind aside from her mother’s upcoming birthday. Still panic-stricken, she chattered how the housemates may find her strict because of her role as a host including her ongoing diet just forPBBCE2_panic1029.jpg the show, unsuspecting that this is all it will come to. Eventually, she gained her courage to face the housemates and even enjoyed a slumber party in honor of her addition to the household.

Apart from these happenings, more questions rise as to what made BB’s Spy cry? And who’s the sender of the letter which Toni passed to her? Is it really from Big Brother telling her that she’d be gone from his home within the week? Or is it from her special friend Zandjoe Marudo like most viewers think? Be curious no more by tuning in to Kuyarazzi Bea Saw’s daily updates, Uber at 5:30 p.m. and on primetime episode of Pinoy Big Brother

Riza: Head of Household

October 29, 2007 6:30 PM

PinoyBigBrotherAnother girl will rule the house this week! Riza booted out all the the other housemates in a competition to determine who will be this week's Head of Household. As we can all recall last week, Ethel was able to enjoy numerous priviliges, specifically the exclusive use of the shower room, and an instant immunity from the nomination. However, as HOH, Ethel also shouldered the responsibility of casting an automatic nomination on a particular housemate, a right which Ethel exercised against Megan.

Now, it's time for Riza to take on the much coveted title.

Big Brother ushered in the H.O.H Grand Prix wherein our celebrity housemates competed in a race aboard a a small go-cart. Toni, being the latest addition to the house, served as the flag girl in the PinoyBigBrotherstart and finish line. Riza outspeed her fellow girls Yayo, Mariel, and previous H.O.H Ethel in the first qualifying round. Afterwards, the boys took their turn in the second race wherein Will won over Jon and Victor. Then on the last qualifier, Ruben finished last over Mcoy and the Racing Goddess herself, Gaby. The three qualifiers then faced each other in a three-lapsed final race. At first, Riza felt threatened as she had to beat two guys. But with her tactics and determination, the Desirable Diva managed to reach the finish line, with Ruben way behind her, and Will unable to pedal on his small go-cart. All the housemates cheered on Riza as she savored her sweet victory.

But the question now is, what surprises does Kuya have for our new H.O.H for the week? Also, how will the Desirable Diva handle the responsibility of casting an automatic nomination on a housemate? Be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on its new timeslot tonight right after Lastikman to see if Gaby will be able to get back on track in her racing competition, and how Toni will handle the shocking news now that she is a celebrity houseguest.

Megan, Zara, Baron and Toni get the surprise of their lives

October 29, 2007 12:13 AM

pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgAs always, Big Brother has kept the housemates on their feet with surprises. Zara has received flowers from her special someone while Megan had her tabby cat Sugar for a house visit. Gaby had to leave the house too for a while to attend a racing event in Subic but had to get back within 24 hours. But nothing could have shocked the housemates more than 4 nominees and a brand new celebrity houseguest.

HOH Ethel Booba had first dibs on picking her nominee for tonight. The Ultimate Pasaway chose Megan, basing her vote on the events of previous week. She also noted that she’d rather have Jen back than the Princess of Charm. But even without Ethel’s automatic nomination, Megan gathered the third highest point for tonight. The others felt pbbce22ndnominated102907-2.jpgthat she’s no acting ‘genuinely and is still clueless on what her goal is inside Kuya’s house. Can Megan stand another week inside the house? When will she be good enough for the other housemates?

Zara is second on the nomination block for the housemates felt that she’s too much of a cry baby and brings everyone’s mood with her every time she does so. Others feel alienated and uncomfortable too in her presence plus they also feel she lacks in ‘kusang loob’ during tasks and chores. Will Zara be able to bounce back and redeem herself this week? Or will she wallow once more in her sadness and tears?

pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgHighest pointer on the nomination block with 10 votes is Baron. With his House Boy task this week, Baron revealed his real attitude towards chores which irked most of his housemates. Baron was also a little too brash on his comments, careless in giving out opinions and even offended some of the other celebrities. Will even called him bastos and inconsiderate. They have now discovered that the Geisler brothers are on the extremes – Donnie is the gentleman while Baron definitely lives up to his moniker, the Wild Child. Will the two in one housemates survive this week or will they meet the unfortunate fate of the 26K ladies too?

A mystery box in the living room revealed 2 medallions for the first two nominees. However, Toni pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgbrought in from the confession room two more medallions for Baron and Donnie to wear. The tense atmosphere inside the house didn’t even give room for Toni to make ‘chika’ with her fellow host and now houseguest Mariel Rodriguez. But it turns out that Kuya has another trick up his sleeve and is giving time for the two to bond! Toni gets presented a box similar to Mariel’s when she first entered the house. Almost on the verge of tears, Toni opened the box that contained her lapel mic, a robe and a ‘secret phone’, Kuya’s gift to his second celebrity housemate. What will Toni do now that she’s inside the house? Will she adjust as well as Mariel did?

Don’t miss another thrilling episode of PBB Uber and Primetime and see who takes over Toni’s hosting duties! Also kids 6-10 years old can dress up in their scariest costumes for a spooky Halloween treat this October 30 at the big yellow house. The first 100 kids will be able to go Trick or Treating with Kuya and the celebrity housemates.

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