Monday, October 29, 2007

Megan, Zara, Baron and Toni get the surprise of their lives

October 29, 2007 12:13 AM

pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgAs always, Big Brother has kept the housemates on their feet with surprises. Zara has received flowers from her special someone while Megan had her tabby cat Sugar for a house visit. Gaby had to leave the house too for a while to attend a racing event in Subic but had to get back within 24 hours. But nothing could have shocked the housemates more than 4 nominees and a brand new celebrity houseguest.

HOH Ethel Booba had first dibs on picking her nominee for tonight. The Ultimate Pasaway chose Megan, basing her vote on the events of previous week. She also noted that she’d rather have Jen back than the Princess of Charm. But even without Ethel’s automatic nomination, Megan gathered the third highest point for tonight. The others felt pbbce22ndnominated102907-2.jpgthat she’s no acting ‘genuinely and is still clueless on what her goal is inside Kuya’s house. Can Megan stand another week inside the house? When will she be good enough for the other housemates?

Zara is second on the nomination block for the housemates felt that she’s too much of a cry baby and brings everyone’s mood with her every time she does so. Others feel alienated and uncomfortable too in her presence plus they also feel she lacks in ‘kusang loob’ during tasks and chores. Will Zara be able to bounce back and redeem herself this week? Or will she wallow once more in her sadness and tears?

pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgHighest pointer on the nomination block with 10 votes is Baron. With his House Boy task this week, Baron revealed his real attitude towards chores which irked most of his housemates. Baron was also a little too brash on his comments, careless in giving out opinions and even offended some of the other celebrities. Will even called him bastos and inconsiderate. They have now discovered that the Geisler brothers are on the extremes – Donnie is the gentleman while Baron definitely lives up to his moniker, the Wild Child. Will the two in one housemates survive this week or will they meet the unfortunate fate of the 26K ladies too?

A mystery box in the living room revealed 2 medallions for the first two nominees. However, Toni pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgbrought in from the confession room two more medallions for Baron and Donnie to wear. The tense atmosphere inside the house didn’t even give room for Toni to make ‘chika’ with her fellow host and now houseguest Mariel Rodriguez. But it turns out that Kuya has another trick up his sleeve and is giving time for the two to bond! Toni gets presented a box similar to Mariel’s when she first entered the house. Almost on the verge of tears, Toni opened the box that contained her lapel mic, a robe and a ‘secret phone’, Kuya’s gift to his second celebrity housemate. What will Toni do now that she’s inside the house? Will she adjust as well as Mariel did?

Don’t miss another thrilling episode of PBB Uber and Primetime and see who takes over Toni’s hosting duties! Also kids 6-10 years old can dress up in their scariest costumes for a spooky Halloween treat this October 30 at the big yellow house. The first 100 kids will be able to go Trick or Treating with Kuya and the celebrity housemates.

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