Monday, October 29, 2007

Time Is Of Essence

October 30, 2007 12:43 AM
By: Pbb2 ABS-CBN

PBBCE2_killingtime21029.jpgBig Brother’s plan for the next five days is a far cry from the interspersing challenges that we’ve witnessed last week. But if the housemates initially think that doing nothing is better than embarking on a frenzied activity, they now realize how difficult it is to sit still and wait for the signal to sleep.

Becoming a house guest at this point is certainly unfortunate for Toni Gonzaga who looked like she would go crazy with the tedium inside the big yellow house. She kept asking everyone if it’s always like this. Later, she realized that the absence of tasks is what makes things dull at the moment. Gab agreed saying that though they usually fool around, hilarity comes spontaneously. As it is, laughter is hard to catch because of the pressure to stay on their feet.PBBCE2_PBBhosts1029.jpg

Big Brother is now making them pay for being guilty of too much sleep on their part, hence, the Gising Na Gising Task. In this endeavor, they have to maximize the 25-hour limit of snoozing time throughout the whole week. Cheating is not possible because their in-house TV screen was turned into an electronic clock that will start ticking as soon as they doze off. Even power naps are counted so they agreed to refrain from doing so as this is a team effort.

With a long stretch of time to kill, they thought of playing games like Truth oct29_killingtime.jpgor Dare or Patintero. But the majority opted to simply resume their nonstop chat about anything under the sun. Toni advised however that they should keep their conversations light and easy. Because if they go emotional on each other, they will surely sleep heavily throughout the night.

Actually, they already have a game plan to ensure that they would win, given that they risked a hundred percent bet for this challenge. They decided to sleep from 1 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. But can they really do this? Will they be able to reserve their energy that will last them the whole week with this strict sleep schedule? Stay tuned!

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