Monday, October 29, 2007

Riza: Head of Household

October 29, 2007 6:30 PM

PinoyBigBrotherAnother girl will rule the house this week! Riza booted out all the the other housemates in a competition to determine who will be this week's Head of Household. As we can all recall last week, Ethel was able to enjoy numerous priviliges, specifically the exclusive use of the shower room, and an instant immunity from the nomination. However, as HOH, Ethel also shouldered the responsibility of casting an automatic nomination on a particular housemate, a right which Ethel exercised against Megan.

Now, it's time for Riza to take on the much coveted title.

Big Brother ushered in the H.O.H Grand Prix wherein our celebrity housemates competed in a race aboard a a small go-cart. Toni, being the latest addition to the house, served as the flag girl in the PinoyBigBrotherstart and finish line. Riza outspeed her fellow girls Yayo, Mariel, and previous H.O.H Ethel in the first qualifying round. Afterwards, the boys took their turn in the second race wherein Will won over Jon and Victor. Then on the last qualifier, Ruben finished last over Mcoy and the Racing Goddess herself, Gaby. The three qualifiers then faced each other in a three-lapsed final race. At first, Riza felt threatened as she had to beat two guys. But with her tactics and determination, the Desirable Diva managed to reach the finish line, with Ruben way behind her, and Will unable to pedal on his small go-cart. All the housemates cheered on Riza as she savored her sweet victory.

But the question now is, what surprises does Kuya have for our new H.O.H for the week? Also, how will the Desirable Diva handle the responsibility of casting an automatic nomination on a housemate? Be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on its new timeslot tonight right after Lastikman to see if Gaby will be able to get back on track in her racing competition, and how Toni will handle the shocking news now that she is a celebrity houseguest.

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