Saturday, October 20, 2007

Truth or Dare?

October 20, 2007 3:57 PM

week011020truth2.jpgIt was a very tiring weekend for our celebrity housemates as they faced the crucial task of nomination. After a week of having fun and getting to know each other, they must cast their vote to find out who will be included in the list of this season's first nominees for eviction. But since they all cannot talk about what transpired in the confession room, the housemates just decided to get their minds of the topic by playing the ever popular party game of "truth or dare!". After taking their lunch, they cleared off the dining table, picked a small bottle of mineral water, and excitedly started the game.

The game led to so many surprising revelations about each housemate and their relationship with one another in the week that had passed. The question that was mostly asked during the game was "Who among the housemates do you like the most?" When the week011020truth1.jpgbottle pointed at Gaby, Mariel first threw the question at the Racing Goddess. Gaby then immediately answered that she finds Will very handsome because of his dark complexion and his bald head. Afterwards, Marylaine admitted that she finds Jon cute. Meanwhile, Riza said that she is thankful to "Kuya Donnie" for being her confidant during her first days inside the house. On the other hand, Victor confessed that he finds Megan very pretty. As a dare, Victor told Megan a very cheesy line that went "I never thought I would fall for you but it seems that all the forces of contradictions went overboard." This sent all the housemates to a full laughing mode.

Mcoy asked two daring question to a couple of housemates. First, the Musikerong Daddy asked Baron on what would he do if, after 70 days inside the house, he can no longer fight his sexual urges. Baron said that although he may not be able to "touch week011020truth.jpghimself" inside the house, he can do something else. The Pasaway Actor then approached the wall and started scratching his crotch on it. Then afterwards, everyone went quiet when Mcoy dramatically asked Ethel if she was the one in the cellphone video who was taking a bath using a tabo . Ethel was startled for a while, until Megan figured it out "Si Mahal 'yun eh!"

Everybody had fun during the Truth or Dare game. But the question now is will they still be happy and united once the result of the nomination is announced tonight? Whose stay inside Kuya's house be cut short? Be sure to catch the live nomination on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after XXX.

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