Sunday, November 11, 2007

CHs Become Chopper Pilots

November 12, 2007 1:18 PM

05-1112boyscontrol.jpgStill on cloud-nine after their successful Housemates For Inmates: Celebrity Concert For A Cause, our celebrity housemates will once again brave another challenging task for this week. This time around, all of them will have to take a crash-course in becoming chopper pilots! Big Brother relayed to Ruben the instructions for their "Lipad Chopper Lipad" weekly task. Ruben then gathered all the housemates to talk about the task and how much of their budget are they going to bet for this week.

The housemates only have until Friday to learn how to fly a radio-controlled toy chopper and land it on a specific location. Kuya provided the chopper toys, and all that the HMs need to do is to follow the instruction manual in learning how to operate the gadget. If seven of them successfully manuever the toy chopper to 05-1112boyschopper.jpgthe right direction, they will pass their weekly task. But it seems that dealing with a mechanical toy is a bigger challenge compared to staying awake for a week and putting up an extravagant concert, because the housemates all agreed to setttle only for a 75% bet. Everyone considered the possibility of errors and difficulty in familiarizing themselves with the controls of the toy, so they decided not to gamble everything.

When Ruben took out the RC toy choppers from the storage room, all the boys went crazy, excited to get their hands on the cool kiddie toy. On the other hand, the girls don't seem to get what's the fuss about the hovering, battery-charged toy. They just allowed the boys to study the toy and later teach them how to go about it. Then on Big Brother's signal, the 05-1112jonchopper.jpgboys and Mommy Yayo head straight to the activity area to fly the chopper.

But in spite of the instructional manual, starting up the toy took much of their time, let alone keeping it in air. After a series of tries, however, the housemates got the hang maneuvering the RC chopper, and Mommy Yayo joined in with the boys. But will all of them, especially the other girls, get to master the toy in time for Friday's final challenge? Keep it here to read more updates on the HMs new weekly task. Also, watch this afternoon's episode of Uber at 5:30 PM to see who will be this week's new Head of Household.

Nominated...Ethel, Ruben and Megan

November 11, 2007 10:29 PM

PinoyBigBrotherIt was a quick 4th nomination night as Toni immediately got down to business and announced the 3 nominated HMs. First up was Ruben, who was automatically nominated by Heads of Household Donald and Baron Geisler. Donnie, speaking on behalf of his brother, told Big Brother that they chose the Komedyanteng Promdi because he was often moody around the others. Ruben wore the nomination black medallion without a word, as if expecting Toni’s words.

Following Ruben was Megan, who really looked uptight when she was called to the front with Mariel, Jon and Victor. A veteran of the nomination block, Megan has obviously tried her best to PinoyBigBrotherplease the other housemates in every way she can for the past month. Yayo and Riza had the same reason for nominating the Princess of Charm – she does not know how to return things she has borrowed from the other HMs. Will Megan still have the courage to fight for her stay inside the house, thinking that her housemates don’t like her?

Ethel came in last after receiving most of the housemates’ votes. A lot of them feel that she really, really wants to go out of Kuya’s house. A scary incident yesterday prompted some of them to give her two points. What she did even made Mcoy react, "Natakot ako sa inasal niya kahapon." Ethel has always been vocal about wanting to leave Kuya’s abode. Did she really try to scale Kuya’s walls to get out? Could she have found a way to get herself evicted?

To vote for Megan text BB2, for Ruben BB4 or for Ethel BB13 and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers. You can also vote online here.

The celebrity housemates are half-way through their stay inside the famous yellow house. Is Ethel getting weary for the outside world? What is she willing to do to get Ruben out of this predicament? What tasks await our housemates for this week? Find the answers to these questions tomorrow on PBB Uber and PBB Primetime.

Pressure of nomination is on!

November 11, 2007 1:31 PM

PBBCE2_jon1111.jpgFor the fourth time, the celebrity housemates were able to surpass another major challenge with flying colors. As you know, they have also won last week’s Gising Na Gising task. However, they had to use up their whole budget at that time to pay the price of the damaged glass table -- hence, the scarcity of food inside the house. But that was a thing of the past because now they can reap the rewards from their hard-earned victory! Well, they certainly have lots of catching up to do in terms of pigging out again!

Minus the usual bible studies with Ms. Coney like in PBB Season 2, the housemates spent this morning reflecting on the nomination results this weekend. Paranoid, Jon claimed that he can sense that he would join the loathed block later tonight. Among them, he may be the most vocal about it but the thought of which would of course crowd everybody’s minds since they have just dealt it with Big Brother amidst slumping lazily on the couches.

Meanwhile, the others were busy taking care of their personal stuff. Mommy Yayo neatly ironed herPBBCE2_breakdown1111.jpg hankies and undies while Riza concentrated on her recipe book. From the looks of it, she was preparing to mix up a fruit salad for lunch, smiling towards the girls’ chatter once in a while… Then the next thing we knew, she was already crying her heart out on the bedroom for an unknown reason! Hmm… Perhaps she’s still coming to grips with her favorite nephew’s death. Whatever it is, we’ll learn all about it in just a matter of time.

So, who do you think will need all the votes they can get this coming week? Keep your fingers crossed for your favorite bets tonight! See the latest drama and perils that PBB’s stars will be facing yet again on Primetime Bida!

Race for your dreams, Gaby!

November 10, 2007 10:03 PM

PinoyBigBrotherThe housemates hard work this week were not all for naught! The culminating activity for their weekly task, Housemates for Inmates Concert for a Cause was a blast with their sexy dance and cool song numbers. The night kicked-off with their sizzling "Buttons" number and the audience went wild with the boys and girls’ hot moves on the dance floor. Mariel, back to her hosting duties for tonight, then introduced Kuya’s newest love team in the house Will and Riza. The two did a repeat performance of their most requested duet "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang."

Mcoy soon followed with an acoustic song number with the assistance of Ruben, who took charge of the kahon. The other PinoyBigBrotherhousemates joined them afterwards for Mcoy’s special composition for Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 that showcased each and every housemates’ outstanding trait. Ruben’s Budots dance closed the show with him, Jon and Victor rapping with their own lyrics to the "Papi Chulo", much to the audience’s delight.

With the results of their task still pending, with Toni quoting Big Brother’s "takdang panahon" line, the celebs have to prepare for the next agenda of the evening – Gaby’s departure from Kuya’s house. The Racing Goddess’ impending exit was revealed when she accomplished her ‘legacy’ for this edition, filling a drum with water from the pool using various materials in exchange for a 24/7 water supply for the remaining HMs. But Kuya also gave PinoyBigBrotherMariel, Riza, Donnie, Will and Ruben a chance to give her a going away gift. With their skating challenge, they were able to present Gaby a Sparco race car seat, a special symbol of their friendship. Gaby’s eyes instantly filled with tears as she accepted her gift from her friends.

The time to say good-bye approached and Gaby gave her farewell messages to each. She told Yayo how much she has been an inspiration to her. And to Mcoy, who was already a good friend of hers before they entered the house, she thanked him for being there with her to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Gaby was then ushered out of the house and received warm hugs and kisses from her mom and niece as soon as she stepped on stage at the PBB Eviction Hall. Gaby knows that PBB has changed her life forever. "Grabe yung friendship, it was a life changing experience. Don’t take anything foregranted."

Celebrity Concert For A Cause

November 10, 2007 4:57 PM

04-1109mariel.jpgWith only a few hours left before the grand presentation, our celebrity housemates are on high energy as they ensure that all their production numbers are as perfect as possible. Tonight's Celebrity Concert For A Cause will be the culmination of their week-long plannings and rehersals, and the 150 privileged live viewers will judge if the celebrity housemates will pass this weekly task. On the other hand, our housemates are determined to reclaim the 100% bet that they lost last week.

Given her credentials as one of the hosts of Pinoy Big Brother and Wowowee, Mariel will serve as the host of the concert. This will be Mariel's chance to get back to what she loves doing right before being trapped as the surprise celebrity houseguest of this 1106_boys.jpgseason. Meanwhile, Mcoy also get to share his expertise to this special weekly task. The ex-band vocalist composed a touching friendship theme. This song will be in honor of all the weekly tasks, afternoon games, rewards, punishments, and drama that our celebrity housemates have experienced in the past four weeks inside the famous yellow house. Also, watch out for the "quotable quotes" of our housemates to appear in this song.

Two dance numbers that both started as tasks will make an improved comeback tonight. Our housemates will once again do the hip Budotz dance as popularized by Ruben. This time around, Ruben, Jon, and Victor will get to sing their own version of the Pappy Chulo song. Meanwhile, the Cheap Ahoys striptease choreo will also be included in the sexy song and dance number of the girls to the tune of Buttons 1108_sexygals.jpgby Pussy Cat Dolls. Prepare to see the girls, especially Yayo and Gaby, take a strut to the "wild side."

Of course, Kuyanatics could expect the most talked about pair of this season in a sweet duet of Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang. Will and Riza will again sing this endearing OPM ballad set to excite all the hopeless romantics. All in all, privileged viewers can commemmorate this special event with a free limited edition PBB shirts signed by our celebrity housemates and a photo opportunity with the Racing Goddess Gaby Dela Merced. All that and more in tonight's Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on a much earlier timeslot right after 1 Vs 100.

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