Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HMs let it all out in an open forum

October 31, 2007 1:37 PM

week031031openforum.jpgA new day inside the famous yellow house began as our celebrity housemates all sit down together in the living room for an open forum. The no-holds-barred talk was not actually in their agenda for the day but when Big Brother called their attention because of their complaints concerning the limited supply of water, the housemates ended up reflecting on their attitude and behavior.

The housemates first thought of a way on how they will be able to take advantage of the time water is available them. They eventually agreed upon shortening the shower time of each housemate so every one can have their turn. Next, Mommy Yayo told everyone that every meal time, they must make sure that whoever is not at the table, for whatever reason, still has something to eat. Unfortunately, there were those who tend to forget once they have their plates filled. The talk then elevated to an honest discussion of each others' recklessness and insensitivity in the smallest of issues like borrowing of clothes, washing the dishes, and cleaning the week031031openforum1.jpghouse.

The tense open forum seemed to target Baron at first. The Pasaway Actor instantly owned up to his "spoiled brat" attitude, but said that he is trying his best to change for the better. Toni then assured Baron that no one in the house hates him, despite the fact that the other HMs call his attention from time to time. Donnie also cleared that as much as he wants his younger brother to change, he doesn't want to be the controlling ang nagging brother to Baron. Afterwards, Zara voiced out her dislike of Baron's behavior, but the young man rebutted that Poor Beauty Queen should also do as she preaches. Baron said that Zara herself would tend to be bossy, frequently asking small favors from him and Donnie to the point that it had become abusive. Baron pointed out that since he and Donnie are much older, they deserve some amount of respect from Zara.

The other housemates tried break off the tension by pointing out both Baron and Zara's mistakes. The two also have their share of annoying behavior which they must both learn to understand. week031031openforum2.jpgNevertheless, they also have good qualities that are worth praising. The housemates all acknowledged their individual differences that they all must learn to live with for the next month or so. For as long as they keep an open line of communication with each other and an open mind to understand one another, everybody is on their way to a lighter and better relationship as celebrity housemates.

Be sure to catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM to see what's Big Brother has in store for our housemates for today. Also, watch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 weeknights for more of the drama inside the house.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Special Moments

October 30, 2007 11:54 PM

PBBCE2_swim1030.jpgBringing the PBB hosts inside the big yellow house enabled Mariel and Toni to fully grasp the magnitude of the housemates’ one-of-a-kind experience. As the latter noted, she has come to appreciate each of them knowing the struggles they have to go through just to make it, hopefully throughout this term. As such, she began her first mission to teach the parent-housemates Yayo and Mcoy how to swim. In exchange of which is a rewarding special moment with their loved ones.

It was fortunate that the two were obliging to join her on the pool. After all, they were clueless on the stipulation behind their sudden swimming lesson. Mcoy was the hardest to train though since he has a fear of deep waters! But the Musikerong Daddy has nothing to be worried about because actually, Toni is the perfect instructor for them for she had been taking lessons since she was six years old! With that edge, she succeeded in persuading herPBBCE2_adam1030.jpg “students” to complete one lap!

To Big Brother, Toni admitted how difficult the task was for her, knowing that she’s impatient by nature. However, all her efforts became worthwhile after she witnessed the emotional reunion of the Mom in Distress and her son Adam Martinez. Unable to believe Kuya’s surprise, Yayo refused to move towards him at first. Then with Toni’s urging, Adam tightly hugged Yayo, who burst into tears. Later, she stressed that there’s nothing more satisfying than sharing precious minutes with a loved one.

Mcoy in turn have seen a video of his wife together with Maggie, who's unwrapping the presents that he sent her for her birthday. Also in the clip, Helina tearfully uttered that she appreciated his sacrifices for the sake of their family. “Kung hindi mo na kaya at nahihirapan ka, nandito lang kami. Sobrang thank you sa binigay mong gift. PBBCE2_helina1030.jpgYun ang pinaka-special na regalong binigay mo sa kanya kasi pinaghirapan mo talaga.”

Just look how generous Kuya can be especially when the housemates act accordingly! However, worse things could happen given their tedious Gising Gising task. As Mariel once said, they might be tearing at each other’s hair by the end of the week because of their lack of sleep and all. Loneliness will set in for some just like Ethel who grows more depressed with the thought of her recent break-up. How will the celebrity housemates fight through such obstacles? We’ll keep you posted on their exciting misadventures inside the most famous abode in the land!

Trick or Treat

October 30, 2007 6:38 PM

PinoyBigBrotherAlthough the HMs have no news of the outside world, Big Brother still wanted his celebrity housemates to feel the spirit of Halloween. Hence, he brought the Halloween tradition of Trick or Treat inside his famous yellow house! Not only that, a hundred lucky children were also given the chance to visit the spooky cemetery set-up in the PBB garden and got free candies from the elaborately made-up and costume wearing housemates.

Aside from the celebration of Halloween, the creepy looks of our housemates also has a purpose that's yet to be revealed. Gaby and Ruben assumed the characters of St. Michael The Archangel and The Devil, respectively. The two had to stand on top of a prop grave like true statues, unable to move until Kuya says so. The rest also had their own costumes -- Jon played Frankenstein with Toni as his bride, Yayo as the Hunchback, Mariel the Evil Witch, Will the Skeleton Man, Megan and Zara the dwarfs, Ethel as the Manananggal, Baron as an PinoyBigBrotherAngel, and Donnie as Dracula. Upon Kuya's signal, they welcomed the kids for Big Brother's special Trick or Treat. At first, however, the kids were scared to approach the housemates because of their scary costumes. But our celebrity housemates were kind enough to hand the cute kids their bags of candies and chocolates.

But three other housemates were missing from the celebration. Nobody knows that Mcoy, Riza, and Victor are out somewhere doing their "greatest sacrifice." Where could the three be, and what's the end result of all these sacrifices? Be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight after Lastikman to learn more about this task.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Time Is Of Essence

October 30, 2007 12:43 AM
By: Pbb2 ABS-CBN

PBBCE2_killingtime21029.jpgBig Brother’s plan for the next five days is a far cry from the interspersing challenges that we’ve witnessed last week. But if the housemates initially think that doing nothing is better than embarking on a frenzied activity, they now realize how difficult it is to sit still and wait for the signal to sleep.

Becoming a house guest at this point is certainly unfortunate for Toni Gonzaga who looked like she would go crazy with the tedium inside the big yellow house. She kept asking everyone if it’s always like this. Later, she realized that the absence of tasks is what makes things dull at the moment. Gab agreed saying that though they usually fool around, hilarity comes spontaneously. As it is, laughter is hard to catch because of the pressure to stay on their feet.PBBCE2_PBBhosts1029.jpg

Big Brother is now making them pay for being guilty of too much sleep on their part, hence, the Gising Na Gising Task. In this endeavor, they have to maximize the 25-hour limit of snoozing time throughout the whole week. Cheating is not possible because their in-house TV screen was turned into an electronic clock that will start ticking as soon as they doze off. Even power naps are counted so they agreed to refrain from doing so as this is a team effort.

With a long stretch of time to kill, they thought of playing games like Truth oct29_killingtime.jpgor Dare or Patintero. But the majority opted to simply resume their nonstop chat about anything under the sun. Toni advised however that they should keep their conversations light and easy. Because if they go emotional on each other, they will surely sleep heavily throughout the night.

Actually, they already have a game plan to ensure that they would win, given that they risked a hundred percent bet for this challenge. They decided to sleep from 1 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. But can they really do this? Will they be able to reserve their energy that will last them the whole week with this strict sleep schedule? Stay tuned!

Against All Odds

October 29, 2007 11:24 PM

PBBCE2_racegodess1029.jpgIf there’s one thing that can make Gaby dela Merced glow with happiness, it is being back to the racing world where she’s most comfortable at and where she surely knows what to do even with eyes closed. But after four months without practice, Chief Engineer-slash-Engine Turner Dominique Cuesta advised her to at least do a once-over for her to familiarize herself with the new track lay out.

Her position for the race was then determined through the qualifying time where she came fourth, a good feat considering her lack of practice, said Mr. Cuesta. As soon as the adrenaline-pumping chase began, the Racing Godess’ talent became evident as she easily drove her laps. She wasPBBCE2_champ1029.jpg definitely in control until she encountered an engine trouble as well as a battery problem!

Fortunately, the crew pulled out all stops just to make things possible for Gaby. Defeat was out of the question since she was aware of her great chance of winning. If the car refused to work, it would be totally frustrating, she relayed to Big Brother. And true to her word, she won first place despite being pitted against 2005 Philippine Touring Car Class “B” Champ Dennis Uy and 2004 Driver of the Year Luis Ramirez. As the latter noted, gender is not an issue in this male-dominated arena.

Soon, Gaby returned to Big Brother’s abode, tight-lipped about her spectacular experience in Subic International Raceway.

PBBCE2_toni1029.jpgThat same night, the primetime stretch also made way for celebrity house guest#2 Toni Gonzaga! Reminiscent of Mariel’s sudden entry before, she was shocked with the reality of what’s happening as soon as she saw her personalized set of toiletries! The mainstay host of PBB knew that she would have the same fate as her friend but not at this point. Holding her emotions in check though became impossible when she finally had the chance to talk to her mom on the phone for one minute.

Funnily enough, her concern towards her work remained utmost in her mind aside from her mother’s upcoming birthday. Still panic-stricken, she chattered how the housemates may find her strict because of her role as a host including her ongoing diet just forPBBCE2_panic1029.jpg the show, unsuspecting that this is all it will come to. Eventually, she gained her courage to face the housemates and even enjoyed a slumber party in honor of her addition to the household.

Apart from these happenings, more questions rise as to what made BB’s Spy cry? And who’s the sender of the letter which Toni passed to her? Is it really from Big Brother telling her that she’d be gone from his home within the week? Or is it from her special friend Zandjoe Marudo like most viewers think? Be curious no more by tuning in to Kuyarazzi Bea Saw’s daily updates, Uber at 5:30 p.m. and on primetime episode of Pinoy Big Brother

Riza: Head of Household

October 29, 2007 6:30 PM

PinoyBigBrotherAnother girl will rule the house this week! Riza booted out all the the other housemates in a competition to determine who will be this week's Head of Household. As we can all recall last week, Ethel was able to enjoy numerous priviliges, specifically the exclusive use of the shower room, and an instant immunity from the nomination. However, as HOH, Ethel also shouldered the responsibility of casting an automatic nomination on a particular housemate, a right which Ethel exercised against Megan.

Now, it's time for Riza to take on the much coveted title.

Big Brother ushered in the H.O.H Grand Prix wherein our celebrity housemates competed in a race aboard a a small go-cart. Toni, being the latest addition to the house, served as the flag girl in the PinoyBigBrotherstart and finish line. Riza outspeed her fellow girls Yayo, Mariel, and previous H.O.H Ethel in the first qualifying round. Afterwards, the boys took their turn in the second race wherein Will won over Jon and Victor. Then on the last qualifier, Ruben finished last over Mcoy and the Racing Goddess herself, Gaby. The three qualifiers then faced each other in a three-lapsed final race. At first, Riza felt threatened as she had to beat two guys. But with her tactics and determination, the Desirable Diva managed to reach the finish line, with Ruben way behind her, and Will unable to pedal on his small go-cart. All the housemates cheered on Riza as she savored her sweet victory.

But the question now is, what surprises does Kuya have for our new H.O.H for the week? Also, how will the Desirable Diva handle the responsibility of casting an automatic nomination on a housemate? Be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on its new timeslot tonight right after Lastikman to see if Gaby will be able to get back on track in her racing competition, and how Toni will handle the shocking news now that she is a celebrity houseguest.

Megan, Zara, Baron and Toni get the surprise of their lives

October 29, 2007 12:13 AM

pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgAs always, Big Brother has kept the housemates on their feet with surprises. Zara has received flowers from her special someone while Megan had her tabby cat Sugar for a house visit. Gaby had to leave the house too for a while to attend a racing event in Subic but had to get back within 24 hours. But nothing could have shocked the housemates more than 4 nominees and a brand new celebrity houseguest.

HOH Ethel Booba had first dibs on picking her nominee for tonight. The Ultimate Pasaway chose Megan, basing her vote on the events of previous week. She also noted that she’d rather have Jen back than the Princess of Charm. But even without Ethel’s automatic nomination, Megan gathered the third highest point for tonight. The others felt pbbce22ndnominated102907-2.jpgthat she’s no acting ‘genuinely and is still clueless on what her goal is inside Kuya’s house. Can Megan stand another week inside the house? When will she be good enough for the other housemates?

Zara is second on the nomination block for the housemates felt that she’s too much of a cry baby and brings everyone’s mood with her every time she does so. Others feel alienated and uncomfortable too in her presence plus they also feel she lacks in ‘kusang loob’ during tasks and chores. Will Zara be able to bounce back and redeem herself this week? Or will she wallow once more in her sadness and tears?

pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgHighest pointer on the nomination block with 10 votes is Baron. With his House Boy task this week, Baron revealed his real attitude towards chores which irked most of his housemates. Baron was also a little too brash on his comments, careless in giving out opinions and even offended some of the other celebrities. Will even called him bastos and inconsiderate. They have now discovered that the Geisler brothers are on the extremes – Donnie is the gentleman while Baron definitely lives up to his moniker, the Wild Child. Will the two in one housemates survive this week or will they meet the unfortunate fate of the 26K ladies too?

A mystery box in the living room revealed 2 medallions for the first two nominees. However, Toni pbbce22ndnominated102907-1.jpgbrought in from the confession room two more medallions for Baron and Donnie to wear. The tense atmosphere inside the house didn’t even give room for Toni to make ‘chika’ with her fellow host and now houseguest Mariel Rodriguez. But it turns out that Kuya has another trick up his sleeve and is giving time for the two to bond! Toni gets presented a box similar to Mariel’s when she first entered the house. Almost on the verge of tears, Toni opened the box that contained her lapel mic, a robe and a ‘secret phone’, Kuya’s gift to his second celebrity housemate. What will Toni do now that she’s inside the house? Will she adjust as well as Mariel did?

Don’t miss another thrilling episode of PBB Uber and Primetime and see who takes over Toni’s hosting duties! Also kids 6-10 years old can dress up in their scariest costumes for a spooky Halloween treat this October 30 at the big yellow house. The first 100 kids will be able to go Trick or Treating with Kuya and the celebrity housemates.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Holloween Success

October 27, 2007 1:23 AM

PBBCE2_headline1026.jpgIn between the housemates’ weekly tasks are Big Brother’s interweaving daily challenges which we all look forward to since they enable us to catch a more personal glimpse into their varied personalities. Week 2 has been an exciting roller coaster ride for them as they struggled to rise above the emotionally-draining tasks as well as the ones that tested their physical capabilities.

Like a dam that suddenly broke, their heartaches flowed out of them as they learn to open up to each other. They also realize that being a housemate is no mean feat but most of them continue to fight for that right for the sake of their families or to simply prove their self-worth. Homesickness certainly took its toll on them so they grabbed the chance to send their love to their families yesterday after their Magic Carpet Ride.

But no matter how heavy their individual burdens are, nothing beats their moments of triumph after surpassing Big Brother’s valuable lessons. Through them, they discover their strengths and their responsibility to look beyond their own comfort zones. And tonight, they were surged with pride as Big Brother gave his verdict to their Kaishou Taishou presentation!

It featured a story of courtship between two ordinary people who met on a bar. But as the shadow play unfolded, it became evident that they are manananggals after all! The housemates performed this simple but amazing pantomime just recently inside the confession room where all lights were turned off to make it appear that their props are floating between the main characters Ruben and Ethel. All the others were responsible for holding the cardboard stars, hearts, wine glasses and the words that the couple exchanged while the song Can’t Take My Eyes Off You was played.

As it happens, they agreed on a specific criterion which equally comprised originality, coordination, entertainment value and choreography. After keeping them in suspense for a while, Kuya happily announced that they got 82% for all their efforts. And with that, they won their fifty percent bet which brought them a total of P12,000 for their weekly budget!

This joyous news however was linked with Big Brother’s unfortunate announcement that the cost of the glass (P500) and candelabra (P2,500) that Baron and Mariel broke few days ago would be reduced from their winnings! The two immediately felt bad but the others soothed their feelings by saying that they don’t blame for what was an honest mistake and besides, they still received a reasonable sum after all. Still, Kuya’s mole protested on the charged amount for the candleholder. But the master of the big yellow house only remarked that he would give her the receipt if she wanted proof of its price.

Presently though, things are looking well for the cheerful housemates! And despite the forthcoming first eviction night, the nominees are resolute to make the best of their last hours inside the most prestigious abode in the land! Who will become the popular choice of the public to be saved? Is it Megan or 2-in-1 housemates Jen and Marylaine? Don’t miss this episode tomorrow on Primetime Bida!

Hitting The Celebrity Target

October 26, 2007 7:59 PM

pbbce2uber102607-2.jpgBig Brother never runs out of creative and exciting games for our celebrity housemates.This afternoon in Uber, the housemates competed in the Celebrity Target challenge.Four teams with four members each battled it out to be hailed the fastest balloon poppers in tinseltown!.Each group must have one archer, while the three remaining members must wear a protective mask and place a water balloon on their head.The archer must use a bow and arrow to hit each balloon.

Group one was made up of Ruben, Ethel, Gaby, and Yayo.Group two waspbbce2uber102607-1.jpg composed of Jen, Will, Baron, and Riza.Group three included Marylaine, Mcoy, Megan, and Victor.The guys all agreed to be the archer for their respective teams.Then, on Kuya's signal, group one proceeded with the game.But it seemed that hitting the targets with a bow and arrow was not an easy thing to do.Minutes have passed and the teams have not yet popped the ten balloons needed to win finish the round.Which team will emerge the victor in this game?Big Brother plans on awarding the winners the choice to pick two of their members to go out on a very special date. Hmm...who will go out on a romantic night just for two?

pbbce2uber102607-3.jpgThis afternoon, Uber also looked at the latest heated argument that ignited between the 2-in-1 housemates Jen and Marylaine.After a talk with Kuya, Marylaine decided to step up and defend herself from Jen's bullying.However, Jen retaliated on the words of her ex-26K mate.Is there still a chance for reconciliation between the two given that they are nominated for this week's eviction?Be sure to catch tomorrow's episode for the live first eviction night to see if Jen and Marylaine or Megan will be making a heartbreaking exit.As of now, you still have the time to vote for the housemate you want to save.Just text in BB 2 for Megan or BB 8 for Marylaine and Jen and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers or 231 forpbbce2uber102607-4.jpg Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

On Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight, watch the indulging pedicure treat for the winners of the Magic Carpet Ride game and the 'espasol' punishment for the losing team.Also, find out if Baron will be able to save his older brother from the bitter fate that he dragged Donnie into.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Difference Between Winners and Losers

October 26, 2007 1:07 AM

PBBCE2_walking espasols1025.jpgBecoming human espasols wasn’t such a bad experience after all. After doing their personal frou-frous inside the house, Big Brother called the housemates to return at the activity area. The losing team which comprised Ethel, Ruben, Mariel, Jon, Jen, Marylaine, Mcoy and Zara dipped their faces into a bowl of flour as part of their punishment. Then with the help of the winning team, they compressed together and allowed their free housemates to roll a tarp around them to form a life-size bundle of espasol!

Those who remained positive about it were Ruben who even thanked Big Brother for the chance to have his complexion whitened and Mcoy who led their group in singing a jingle fit for their condition. On the contrary, Ethel had a serious look on her face which reflected her feelings about their cramped position. She rarely joined the girls’ laughter and teasing complaints on Mcoy’s sweaty body. After circling the place twice, the human espasols slowly walked back to the living room.

Before boredom dawned on them however, Kuya made the best out of their sentence by makingPBBCE2_stopdance1025.jpg them play a stop-dance game. The one with the best moves would be released. Ruben, Jen and Mariel didn’t waste time showing what they’ve got. Hence, they were set free immediately. Near the end of the game, only Ethel and Jon were left to continue their grooves. However, the Ultimate Pasaway didn’t enjoy dancing with the hunk from U.K. since Will is more to her liking.

At first she was merely fooling around, but she finally gained enough courage to exercise her HOH powers and commanded the True Lover to swap places with the English Outcast! Will retorted that he couldn’t since he is part of the winners. But he soon realized that he really didn’t have a choice and anyway, he can easily handle Ethel’s seductive antics without offending her.

PBBCE2_kaishou1025.jpgLater, Big Brother gave the signal for their technical dress rehearsal. With all their props done, tonight was the perfect time to practice their shadow play. Direk Mcoy and some of the housemates set the stage again and the video camera which recorded their fantastic acting onscreen. As planned, the theme synched with the coming Halloween mixed with a romantic comedy plot. Ethel and Ruben are the lead stars so you better tune in on this thrilling weekly task which will be shown tomorrow on Uber! You also have to give points for the Real Mcoy for doing a great job at guiding his flock in fulfilling their respective roles.

After going through their performance thrice, they were told to go inside their rooms again. Unknown to Ethel, she was asked to stay with the guys because the girls were preparing a surprise milk bath for her. She looked dejected until Mcoy lured him into their boys’ talk.PBBCE2_ethelboys1025.jpg For one moment, the Ultimate Pasaway was inclined to join their conversation when Victor chivalrously asked her if there was anything else that she needed. Then one of them remarked that perhaps they could have a “sausage party” or something. This led to their interesting chat about blood sausage, a popular dish in U.K before Mcoy launched into freaky ghost stories.

Then at last, the beautiful ladies tagged Ethel along inside the bathroom for the ultimate surprise. But it seems that her mind is elsewhere (thinking about her boyfriend trouble perhaps). Her simple reaction was she wasn’t a bit surprised. Nevertheless, she took pleasure on the relaxing spa treatment for her. Meanwhile, the winning team finally received their pedicure reward for their success on the Magic Carpet Ride challenge! Mariel was so envious of them but all she could do was to enjoy a nice hot coffee on the kitchen table!

Tomorrow, the much-awaited Kaishou Taishu act will reach its PBBCE2_nom1025.jpgconclusion! Will the housemates celebrate another triumph or not? On top of this, thefirst Eviction Night this season is drawing closer! Who among the nominated housemates deserve to stay? Simply key in BB 2 to vote for Megan and BB 8 for Marylaine and Jen then send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers or 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

Brace yourselves for these frenzied events on Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on the primetime block!

Magic Carpet Ride

October 25, 2007 7:52 PM

PBBCE2In the middle of their busy day, the housemates had the chance to play a very fun game in this afternoon's Uber. In a challenge called the Magic Carpet Ride, two teams out do each other in reversing a huge tarpaulin using only their feet. The first team was made up of Baron, Donnie, Gaby, Megan, Riza, Victor, Will, and Yayo. The second team was composed of Ethel, Jen, Jon, Mariel, Marylaine, Mcoy, and Zara. Whoever wins in this challenge will get to have their feet pampered with a pedicure, while the losing team will have to serve as human "espasols."

But before getting into the game, the two teams presented their respective team cheers. Baron's group, The Rugrats, claimed that they were the team to beat. Ethel's group, on the other hand, integrated humor into their cheer. Then, on Kuya's signal, the two teams stepped on their respective giant tarpaulins and tried to flip it using their feet. As their tarpaulin started to unfold, all the members held on to each other to keep themselves in place while trying to be the first to finish the task.

PBBCE2In the end, team one managed to finish the game first. Baron and company celebrated their victory as Kuya announced the pedicure treat awaiting them. However, Ethel and her team were bothered as they learn the consequence of their defeat. They must all serve as human "espasols" compete with thick powder all over their body.

The greatest reward of this task, though, was when the housemates saw big pictures of their loved ones on the flip side of their tarpaulins. Our celebrity housemates began to miss the people who they left behind upon their entrance in the famous yellow house. After the game, each housemate was given a short opportunity to greet their love ones whose pictures were in the tarpaulin. It was a very heartwarming time for everyone because they miss those people very much. If you want to see the full drama behind this task, keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, weeknights on ABS-CBN.

Ethel Complains, Marylaine Fights Back

October 25, 2007 4:40 PM

week021025jenmay.jpgEver since her red-carpet welcome as the 13th celebrity housemate, Ethel looked like she was having a blast bonding with the other celebrities. That's why it comes as a shock that behind the loud laughter and hilarious jokes, Ethel was not happy about some things. While taking a break from their tiring Shadow Play rehearsal, Ethel confessed to Mariel that something's bothering her. The Ultimate Pasaway opened her heart out to the BB Spy about the difficult tasks and unfair punishments that are almost driving her nuts. She confidently told Mariel that she finds some of Big Brother's rules irrational and unfair. She believed that some tasks have no use but to play on the housemates' minds and feelings. Ethel mentioned the punishment that Donald got because of Baron's laziness. Ethel thought that Kuya should have punished Baron because it was his fault in the first place. week021025jen.jpgShe also brought up the issue about her punishment because of her "whisper" violation. Ethel said that when she was punished, she felt like swearing for she felt she didn't violate any rule. However, Ethel chose to let the issue pass by. But what Ethel failed to realize was that, with her lapel and the cameras around, her confession was for everyone to hear. Kuya immediately called Ethel into the confession room.

Afterwards, another woman bravely spoke her mind about a serious issue. Marylaine told Jen that she felt insulted during the rehearsal when Jen kept on pointing out her mistakes. Marylaine further accused her ex-26K mate of making a story that most of the ladies in their group despised her. But Jen justified that during the rehearsal, she was also scrutinizing the others, hence, Marylaine has no right to claim that she's a target. However, Marylaine refused to allow Jen to twist the week021025marylaine.jpgstory, and another argument later exploded between the 2-in-1 housemates. The others told them to calm down, and Jen told Marylaine to shut up. But Marylaine answered back, saying that no one except Big Brother has the right to tell her what to do.

What transpired between Ethel and Big Brother's conversation? Where will Jen and Marylaine's disagreement lead to? Be sure to catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM for a sneak peak on this story. For more of the drama and intrigues involving our housemates, keep watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 weeknights on Primetime Bida.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PInoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2

'celebrity housemates'

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Celebrity Edition 2 officially began as 10 out of 14 new celebrity housemates were welcomed into the Pinoy Big Brother House on Sunday.

Pinoy Dream Academy winner Yeng Constantino opened the show with a song number with fellow PDA alumnus Eman Abatayo, in a rousing version of "Sikat and Pinoy", the official PBB Celebrity Edition theme song.

PBB hosts Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez and Bianca Gonzales later wheeled in aboard a white stretch limousine.

After teasing audiences with clues about each new celebrity housemate, the three hosts finally revealed the identities of the first batch of housemates who were each blindfolded and led into the PBB House.

Everyone in this batch of celebrity housemates has a nickname, reflecting an aspect of his or her character. The four winning housemates will have his or her chosen charity as beneficiary.

First to enter the PBB House was "True Lover" Will Devaughn, a 25-year-old model with an interesting genetic mix: half-German, ¼ Pinoy and ¼ African-American. He is well known within the modelling circle and has been featured in various ads. Devaughn earned his nickname because he flew all the way to the Philippines to look for his long lost love, a young woman who already broke his heart twice. Chosen charity: Brave Kids Foundation.

17-year-old Megan "Princess of Charm" Young was up next. Young made her initial entry into showbusiness through "Starstruck", a teenage reality TV talent contest in GMA-7. She however is now more familiar to viewers as "Shane" a pretty social worker who was, until recently, a character on ABS-CBN's hit science fiction fantasy series "Kokey".

Young's character was written off the "Kokey" storyline to make way for her entry into the PBB House. Her character's exit from "Kokey" happened while the other characters were fleeing from the "bad alien" "Kurukuy". According to the script, Shane had to abandon her other companions and return to her parents.

Young earned her nickname because she "lives the life of a princess" who doesn' t do house chores. She admitted that she's not even used to cleaning and tidying up her own room--earning scoldings from her mother. She prepared for the PBB House by training herself to sleep alone, having been used to sharing a bedroom with her sister.

Young is very excited about her stay inside the PBB House, particularly because she heard that her big crush would also be in the house. The identity of her crush has not been revealed--yet.

Desirable Diva Riza Santos, is a 21-year-old Fil-Canadian beauty queen, the reigning Ms. Earth-Canada, in fact. She was recently featured on the cover of For Him Magazine (FHM) and is rumored to be a "very close friend" of singer Mark bautista.

Santos however has a tough side, too. Inspired by her grandparents who were survivors and veterans of the Second World War, Santos joined the military and is a member of the Canadian Cam Forces.

She admitted that she's officially "N.B.S.B", meaning, "No Boyfriend Since Birth." Her chosen charity is Bantay-Bata.

25-year-old Ruben Gonzaga is the "Komedyanteng Promdi" or "Comedian from the Province." Gonzaga, 25, is a Davao-based comedian, who popularized the "Budotz dance" there. He hopes to make it into the big league and help his family out of poverty.

Commercial model-turned actor Victor "Lonely Dream Boy" Basa admits to being an illegitimate child and wishes that he exerted more effort to find his biological father. Unfortunately, his father died before they could meet.

Basa admitted that he has been in and out of relationships for the past three years because he was afraid of being abandoned, hence the label "Lonely Dream Boy." He is supporting Ahon sa Kalye Ministries, Inc.

"Mom in Distress" Yayo Aguila was just 16 years old when she abandoned her acting career after she got pregnant with her first child with husband William Martinez. Now at 40, she is raring to make a showbiz comeback. She is best know for her love team with Martinez in the 80’s matinee idol movie "Bagets." Aguila said that she's been through a lot in her life, from drug use to her husband's philandering and depression.

"Wild Child" Baron Geisler is a 25-year-old actor known for his bad boy image. He admits to an alcohol addiction but is working on kicking the habit. He said his life went on a downward spiral of the death of his father. He had a few brushes with the law during his drunken phases and his house was even destroyed in a fire. Despite everything, Baron now wants to prove that he can be good.

"Brainy Babe" Marylaine Viernes and "Despised Babe" Jennifer de Silva are the "two-in-one housemates." This mean that their fates inside the PBB House are tied together. That is, if one of them is nominated for eviction, the other will share the same fate. Likewise if one of them is saved from eviction.

Viernes is a member of the 26K Girls of the popular game show "Deal or No Deal". This 21-year-old sexy bombshell earned her nickname for having both beauty and brains: she has a scholarship from De La Salle University.

De Silva, one the other hand, is a former member of the 26K Girls. De Silva was given her nickname because she decided to leave the group because of personality differences with the other members.

Viernes and de Silva will be informed of their "two-in-one status" on the show’s First Nomination Night next Saturday.

There's also a "surprise" housemate. He's Donald Geisler, chamption tae kwon do athlete and older brother of Baron. He had plans to work in the US but chose to stay in the Philippines to look after his son and misguided brother.

Geisler, who has been given the nickname "Good Brother" entered another part of the PBB House unknown to the rest of the housemates. What his presence will mean to the other housemates will be revealed in later episodes.

Four of the remaining housemates will enter the PBB House on Monday during Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, "UBER!" to be hosted by Mariel Rodriguez and Bianca Gonzalez.

The remaining housemates include a controversial beauty queen, an ultimate crush, a musikerong daddy and an extreme sports lover.

The 4th Celebrity Big Placer and his/her chosen charity will each win P200,000 while the 3rd Big Placer and partner charity will receive P300,000 each.

The 2nd Big Placer and his/her charity will both win 500,000 while the Big Winner and his or her chosen charity will each rake in a whooping P1,000,000.

The Celebrity Big Winner will also receive a Chateau Valenzuela condominium unit, a Sony Bravia plasma TV and a business franchise from Goodah.

Crossing the wall!

October 25, 2007 1:34 AM

PBBCE2_zara1024.jpgThe housemates certainly have their hands full tonight for they did not only work on their weekly task preparations but at the same time, Big Brother provided an activity to perk them up. Dubbed as ‘Crossing The Wall’, the game required them to cross a narrow beam right beside a high partition that will test their sense of balance and strategy.

With Big Brother’s signal, the fun task began, live on Uber earlier. One by one, they attempted to traverse the beam without falling on the ground. But only Ruben, Victor, Mcoy, Megan, Gab and Zara were able to accomplish the feat with the maximum record of less than three minutes. The Poor Beauty Queen ranked first after reaching the other side in one minute and fifteen seconds.

Just when they thought that they were already done, Kuya made them repeat the deed for thePBBCE2_chocolate1024.jpg second time. This time however, they have to face the wall while crossing the beam. Imagine how hard it is for the ladies! Ethel even removed her bra to avoid getting pushed back because of the awkward position. But she still gave up since her big chest was brushing against the wall!

More of the housemates were successful during the second round including Riza, Mariel, Donald and Gaby together with Ruben, Victor and Megan. And for that, they later acquired the privilege of sharing a delicious chocolate cake over the head of a chocolate man who happens to be the English Outcast! When they had their fill, Kuya asked Jon with whom he wanted to split the leftover dessert. Among those who lost, this week’s Head of Household was able to eat a piece of it. And just to tease Mariel, the Ultimate Pasaway acted like a girlfriend towards Jon.

In the meantime, the laziest resident of Big Brother wasn’t spared today for failing to cooperate with the household chores. But instead of admonishing Baron directly, he asked Donni to carry a bowl of gold fish on each of his hand while balancing himself on PBBCE2_lazybaron1024.jpga tree stump. After a while, the brothers changed places until Baron finally figured out that the punishment was caused by his sluggish attitude. Good thing he was able to guess it because if not, their water supply will be cut off tomorrow. And if that happens, everyone will surely get mad at him, the Good Brother explained.

Another tiring day passed by. What disasters await the celebrity housemates come morning? Watch out for more exciting happenings inside the big yellowhouse on Uber at 5:30 p.m. and on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 Primetime Bida!

- Pinoy Big Brother

Rivers of tears!

October 24, 2007 11:57 PM

PBBCE2_yayo1024.jpgDay 9 was peppered with intrigues and special tasks that stretched the patience of the housemates. Come morning, Zanjoe’s shocking goodnight message continued to affect Mariel whose actions and words were packed with contradictions. For the nth time, she clarified to a curious Jon that they were “never anything”. Her exaggerated reactions simply stemmed from the horrible thought of showbiz gossips.

Meanwhile, the housemates came up with a difficult decision for them to redeem the much-awaited luggage of Donni and Marylaine. Except for the two-in-one housemates, the boys and girls separately talked with Big Brother. Victor volunteered to give up his own stuff since The Good Brother deserved it for being a nice housemate. Gab on the other hand selflessly offered her things in spite of the fact that she was never close to the Brainy Babe. But nevertheless, she appreciated the sacrifices that Leigh had to do last week.

However, Big Brother remained stern when it comes to bestowing rewards. Donni who was being paranoid about all the secrecy soon received the good news out of it. Together with Marylaine, he was about to get his clothes but only those which they can wear right that moment. Both were excited to have their personal things back even if they failed to acquire everything. From this moment on, a sense of enjoyment sealed their fate ahead.

Later that night though, they embarked on a bizarre exercise which literally spilled their innermost fears, concerns and pain. Perhaps, it was weird at first to hear that filling two shot glasses with their tears would pave the way for a wonderful bond among Kuya’s residents. But when they finally got their momentum, there wasn’t a dry face in the group as they allowed the “confusing turmoil” to flow out of their hearts.

When there were no more tears to cry, Will and Zara brought thePBBCE2_gab1024.jpg shot glasses inside the confession room. Much to their shock, Kuya required two of their chosen housemates to down them! But the two decided to drink the shots, disgusting as it is, instead of putting others through that ordeal. They shared this dilemma with them and when they came back, they readily swallowed the product of their dramatic experience!

Luckily for them, Big Brother admitted that he exchanged it with a blend of water and sugar! As it happens, the whole task merely aimed to make them realize that they should treat each other as family. And in the spirit of friendship, they were given a bottle of brandy to celebrate their hard-won victory.

Master and Servants!

October 24, 2007 2:05 PM

week021024baron.jpgA couple of days ago, Mommy Yayo lashed out at the housemates and reminded them they are all equal inside the house in terms of responsibilities. Such may not be the case today because, according to Big Brother's instructions, there were those who played as house servants while one got the chance to be the house master. Baron and Megan were both tasked to be the day's house boy and house girl respectively, while Ethel, as Head of Household for this week, chose two hot guys as her slaves.

Yesteday in Uber, Mariel received an assignment from Kuya to ask Baron the question on why the Pasaway na Aktor is so lazy. Now, Baron got to understand how it is to get his hands dirty when it comes to household chores, rather than always being the one who does the talking and suggestions. Amidst cleaning the table, doing the dishes, and cleaning Peggy's shelter, may Baron learn some responsibility just as his mother wishes. But Baron needed week021024slave.jpgnot to fret as with him, Megan served as the house girl. The Princess of Charm took advantage of the task to prove to her housemates and to everyone that she is not the "maarte" and "tamad" girl as others may think, which Megan believe was the reason for her nomination. Megan even reacted violently to Baron's joke when he called her "tatamad tamad."

Not feeling any hardships at the moment, however, was the Head of Household for this week. Ethel savored the opportunity like a queen when Big Brother allowed her to choose two guy housemates. The Ultimate Pasaway chose Will and Jon, but to Ethel's surprise, the two hotties needed to serve as her slaves for the day! Ethel took Will and Jon to the storage room where a hammock tied in a big bamboo was prepared. Will and Jon must both carry Ethel on the hammock anywhere the H.O.H desired. Not only that, Ethel instructed her slaves to accompany her in the Jacuzzi. Will had to joke "ang landi mo" at Ethel when she tried to come on too strong at him. But there's no stopping this Pilya week021024shower.jpgCelebrity because, after a talk with Big Brother, Ethel took Will and Jon to the shower! However, Ethel cleared to all the housemates that it was just a task, hence, "walang malisya." But the other housemates teased Ethel for her once-in-a-lifetime moment of showering with two gorgeous men.

If you want to know more this fun task, be sure to catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM. Also, keep voting for your favorite housemate who you believe deserve to be saved from eviction this Saturday. Text BB 2 for Megan or BB 8 for Marylaine and Jen and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers; 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

- Pinoy Big Brother

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Dad's Gesture of Love

October 24, 2007 12:36 AM

PBBCE2_mcoy2PT1023.jpgOverwhelming emotions ran high last night after Mcoy surpassed his personal tasks to make his little girl’s birthday extra special even when he couldn’t be there to personally greet her with hugs and kisses. All the housemates who saw his efforts to become a life-sized Barbie doll couldn’t help but admire him for the touching sacrifice that he did.

As usual, Big Brother created an opportunity for the Musikerong Daddy in an indirect manner. What started as a source of laughter for his residents turned out to be an emotional incident. Megan soon realized that it’s wrong to put Mcoy in a condition which he’s obviously not comfortable with. As such, she asked Kuya to stop the game and even apologized to Mcoy who remained sweet about it.

However, the burden of acting like a doll didn’t end there. Assembling the broken barbies made him think aboutPBBCE2_mcoy3PT1023.jpg his daughter who celebrated her birthday last Sunday. He further shared his fondest memory of her which was when he first heard her cry in the hospital nursery. He even described it as the best music he had ever come across.

With that, Big Brother told him that he could give Maggie several presents for her birthday, but only if he would stay on a huge doll box for a time. Together with Yayo, Gab and Donald, Mcoy made his girl happy by helping each other out. The experience certainly taught them that the best things in life are not easy to achieve, but the sense of fulfillment that comes after it is also the best feeling in the world.

PBBCE2_mariel1023.jpgMeanwhile, Mariel acted confusingly when a recorded voice message was played for them to hear just before they went to bed. And the person behind it was no less than Zanjoe Marudo who sweetly bade the housemates’ goodnight! Looks like Mariel’s previous claims that she’s so over him is not the whole truth? What about her attraction towards the English Outcast? Hmm… A little more push from Big Brother and Mariel’s gonna spill it all! Don’t miss the thrilling stories and revelations of the celebrity housemates on Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2!

Whatch 24/7 PBB Celeb2 Livestream: