Friday, November 30, 2007

Kuya declares Velcro War in Uber

November 30, 2007 6:28 PM

PinoyBigBrotherIn line with yesterday's Makati standoff, Big Brother decided to make his own war inside the famous yellow house. This afternoon in Uber, the boys and the girls fought in the fun game of Velcro war. All the players wore their velcro vests, and the opposing teams must hit each other with velcro balls. Once a player is hit, he or she will be the other team's prisoner. The two teams must also penetrate the base of the other to steal the team flag. The team who steals the flag of the opponent will win.

Each team has a protector armed with an ABS-CBN shield. The PinoyBigBrotherprotector must only cover his of her team and not throw any velcro ball. In the first round, numerous velcro balls came flying across the living room. Mariel and Ruben, however, became prisoners after being hit. The pretty houseguest was hit in the face, while Gaby suffered a cut in her hand. Too bad for these girls, the boys owned the first round.

Then in the second round, Kuya ordered that once a player is hit, the ball throwing must stop as the team reclaims their prisoner. Only by then can the game resume. But it seems that the boys were masters of the game as once again, they were able to grab PinoyBigBrotherthe girls' flag. As consequence of their defeat, the girls were ordered to form a firing squad as the boys threw balls at them. The girls must also wear the velcro vests until the time Kuya tells them to take them off.

This afternoon, we also saw why Riza and Victor left Kuya's house yesterday. The two nominees went to Batangas to beat each other out in a wakeboarding competition. Whoever wins between the Lonely Dreamboy and the Desirable Diva will win a 100-second phone call with a loved one. Be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 tonight right after Lastikman to see who will win in this tough game. But as of now, you may still vote for the celebrity housemate who you want to save from tomorrow's eviction. You may vote by texting in BB 3 for Riza, BB 5 for Victor, or BB 7 for Baron to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular, and Bayan Wireless subscribers and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

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