Tuesday, November 27, 2007

HMs Move on wheels

November 27, 2007 4:24 PM

07-1127wheelchairs.jpgAfter the rollercoaster of events in the past week, it's now time for a new weekly task. Our celebrity housemates are in for another challenging ride with the Wheelchair Basketball weekly task. To give our housemates an idea on how playing basketball in a wheelchairl is done, Big Brother provided a video of a paralympic competition. The housemates were stunned at what they saw, hence at first, they decided on betting only 50% of their budget on this task. But Kuya, like always, challenged the housemates in pushing for a 100% bet yet again, given that the housemates still have a lot of supplies left. However, the housemates thought that the 07-1127jonwheelchair.jpgchallenge would be more difficult in the field than in the video, hence, they compromised for a 75% bet.

Next, the housemates studied the guidelines of the wheelchair basketball game. Apparently, there are some special rules and regulations in this game unlike in regular basketball. For this type of basketball, there's a more detailed point system and fouls and violations to take note of. Although most of the boys believe they could play basketball even with their eyes closed, the tough part is dribbling and 07-1127furniturewheelchair.jpgpassing the ball while maneuvering the wheelchair.

After lunch, Big Brother gave the housemates the wheelchairs they will be using for the task. All of them must begin familiarizing themselves on how life is like with their legs rendered useless. Kuya instructed the housemates to move the dining chairs and other furniture in the hallway for a while so they can all move freely inside the house. How will our housemates fair on this weekly task? Watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30pm to get a sneak peek on this task and see how Angel spent her last hours inside the famous yellow house.

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