Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A lesson on compassion

November 28, 2007 1:50 AM

PBBCE2_mariel1127.jpgMoving around on wheelchairs proved to be a great challenge to the housemates. Right after their dizzying HOH competition this afternoon, Big Brother immediately told them to go back to their ‘handicapped condition’. But his soft heart soon prevailed for he later made them play ‘Bring Me’ to free them from their tedious task for now. As the rule of the game stated, they have to race against each other in bringing what Big Brother wanted near the confession room.

With Buttons on his hands, Jon was the first successful player among them. Baron came next as he triumphantly gave his Fedora hat (a gift from Victor) to Big Brother. Victor got the third lucky slot after he produced a toasted peanut butter sandwich. Then Mariel completed the circle of winners with the help of the English Outcast. This ended her crazy complaints towards thePBBCE2_lineup1127.jpg tiresome wheels.

Much later, some of housemates were caught sleeping so Big Brother decided to stir them up by asking them to dance ‘Boom Tarat Tarat’. Mariel taught them the steps from what she can remember as one of Wowowee’s hosts. But it soon became evident that performing is quite impossible with most of them on their seats. As such, Yayo felt bad that all of them should be punished when it was only her who had dozed off. Gaby was exempted since she’s still suffering from jet lag. As it was, Big Brother even allowed the Racing Godess an early bedtime.

Finally, Big Brother gathered everyone in the living room for a serious talk. He explained how he wanted them to experience being handicapped since this weekly task is being done for a good cause. Apparently, the PBBCE2_admonished1127.jpgwheelchairs that they are using will be given to several beneficiaries. Hence, he reminded them to act with compassion just like what some of them had shown throughout the day, not play with it as if the whole thing is a laughing matter. With that, he permitted them to get up from their wheelchairs.

In the meantime, more surprises are up Big Brother’s sleeves! Will the housemates easily warm up to Big Brother’s latest additions several hours from now? How will they feel about having more competitors in their midst? And when can we expect their internationally-famed guest this week? Don’t dare miss these exciting developments on Uber and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2!

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