Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yayo quits tonight!

December 18, 2007 8:34 PM

PBBCE2_VE1218.jpgSilence stretched inside Big Brother’s famous home as the housemates come to terms with the grief that Yayo is going through. Each of them found their own corner to reflect on Mrs. Helen Racelis’ death, knowing that losing a loved one is always a difficult moment. And being the bonded family that they’ve become in the months that they were together, they hurt so badly for this sad news.

For an unknown reason, they were detained for a while in the boys’ bedroom while Mariel went in the confession room alone to receive a special task for this evening. Since then, she is yet to be seen by the housemates including Yayo who arrived just to get her things. Amidst her obvious pain, she tried to laugh and even remembered to ask the others to continue doing good deeds for Riza who happens to be her Kris Kringle baby.

PBBCE2_VE1218.jpgIn a serious note, she relayed that she’s still uncertain as to how long the wake for her mom would be because they have to contact Mrs. Racelis’ mother and sister in California to tell them about what happened. It appeared that no one wanted to take responsibility in passing on the bad news for Yayo’s grandmother also has a heart ailment. That was their dilemma when she left their house but the Mom in Distress claimed that maybe her relatives have fixed this by now. And if they decided to come over for the burial, then the wake would take longer since they have to wait for them.

In relation to her lost opportunity as a contender for the Big Win, Ethel advised her to think it over and see if she could get her slot back since her situation transcends the previous reasons of those who have made a voluntary exit. The sexy comedienne reminded her of this when Big Brother PBBCE2_VE1218.jpgfinally opened the huge doors on the garden for her to make her way out. But of course, this is not really of essence at this point in time so Yayo simply bid them goodbye with the thought that she will be seeing them soon in the outside world. “Thank you guys. I love you guys”, she shouted.

Will Yayo opt to become a balik-bahay housemate and swallow her claim on disliking the concept of which because it's unfair? More importantly, will Big Brother allow her the same privilege like Gaby had when she came back from her seminar abroad? For now, all that's clear is that the remaining nominated housemates for this week is saved albeit by such a tragic affair. In effect, Yayo's voluntary exit meant that the usual process for eviction is now canceled. Tune in to Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 for the full impact of this mournful episode, tomorrow on Primetime Bida.

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