Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ethel is jealous of Riza

December 19, 2007 12:17 AM

PBBCE2_confusion1218.jpgFor their Kris Kringle, the assigned babies are Yayo for Mariel, Jon for Ethel, Will for Gaby, Mariel for Will, Jon for Ethel, Gaby for Ruben, Riza for Yayo, Ethel for Baron and Ruben for Jon. All of them try their best not to get caught whenever they are pulling off their good deed for the day. Inspired by this dilemma, Mariel began to confuse the housemates by prepping hilarious surprises for the guys. Baron happened to be there when she thought of her crazy idea so he later clued his roommates in about this. What’s more, he convinced them to pull of the same stunt to the girls. Unbeknownst to them, Big Brother divulged their secret plan to the girls while the latter were in the confession room! Pandemonium broke soon after that as the boys got caught in the act.

That same day, Ethel celebrated her actual birthday in an annoyed state after seeing Will kiss Riza goodnight the night before. Her jealousy seemed to be real enough for she was confessing her irritation towards Riza to Big Brother himself. Unlike her, the Canadian beauty queen didn’t have to beg Will to show her his sweet side. As it was, she confronted the couple for destroying what should have been her very special day. But the German hunk evaded her pleas for a kiss despite her persistence.

PBBCE2_respect1218.jpgTonight, we also witnessed how Big Brother asked Ethel to surprise her housemates by cooking a delicious dinner for them. To keep a mysterious effect, Ethel refused to disclose her plans when she started to set up a table for two. As such, everyone thought that she’s either having an ex-boyfriend as a visitor or she would be dining with Will. And Big Brother was also puzzled by it. But when she was finally dressed, she revealed that the romantic treat was for them after all, and the extra plate was meant for Kuya even if he couldn’t join them. Hence, he simply relayed his wish for her, Sana magtuloy-tuloy ang respeto na nakuha mo sa loob ng aking bahay,” because in truth, there’s really more to her than meets the eye.

But the question is, will she wage war against Riza in her own crafty way for trying to steal Will away from her? Catch her wild antics only in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

1 comment:

hanie said...

i dont like ethel.,.
she;s so bitch and same as mariel.,.
they keep on backbiting riza.,.
they're just jealous of riza.,.
i like mariel before but now i know her real pesonality i despise her.,.
she is plastic.,.
i hope she knows it.,.
plastic ka mariel.,.ikaw rin ethel.,.
ang sama ninyo.,.
bad kayo.,.
hindi kayo mabuting ehemplo sa mga tao.,.

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