Saturday, December 22, 2007

PBB Limited Paintings, Sold Out!

December 21, 2007 8:33 PM

PBBCE2_poshb1221.jpgA big screen outside the famous yellow house was supposed to show the masterpieces of the celebrity housemates until all their piggy paintings are sold out within 24 hours. But there's no need to do that anymore since all of master pieces are now purchased by goodhearted individuals. At first though, Baron remained in a pressing situation for no one seems to desire his quite scruffy work. He justified its condition saying that he was a little tired when he drew it. However, he announced that he’s willing to create another one for whoever will buy it. In desperation, he even called out to Donnie, their mom and even his manager to be strong enough to open their wallets. But with the help of Riza’s kiss on his painting, Rafael Jonah of Tandang Sora Quezon City later acquired it.

Up next on the auction floor was Riza with “Apollo Langit”, featuring Victor’s godpig. She even included a lightning in her design since it’s a favorite symbol of the model-actor. She explained that it may appear that she was being electrocuted because she had PBBCE2_poshb1221.jpgdrawn it in a wrong place. But in spite of her misgivings about it, her work of art was immediately bought by Mariflor Escano of Quezon City.

Another successful bid came with Will’s “Love-Hate” obra, claiming that its splashes of yellow and pink colors give it an “astig facor”. He invited everyone to take it for its simplicity. He was explaining the details of his work when Ethel suddenly came in the picture to help him advertise through her alluring dancing prowess. Then she later exclaimed while advancing in on Will, “Bibilin ko na ‘yan kasama ka for P3,000. Deal or no deal? Dali na!” She further asked her siblings to come to Kuya’s abodeand buy Will’s painting for her. Apparently, the hilarious sight that they made paid off because Ezekiel Sarapio of Sampaloc, Manila took it home!

On the other hand, Jon was lucky enough to have Mariel as his champion for she used her professional hosting skills to promote his scary depiction of Biboy. Yet it was still sold not only because the buyer was moved by Mariel’s explanation that the piglet’s tear represents his sadness PBBCE2_poshb1221.jpgfor Yayo’s sudden exit, but because April Sazon of Parañaque bought it. And she happens to be Mariel’s mom! Kuya’s bubbly houseguest was shocked to hear that her mother bided for it. But then she was glad that she did as it's for a good cause. Jon smilingly added, "Thank you mom!" much to Gaby's mirth.

Ultimately, Ethel's funny portrayal of "Swimming with the babes" was procured by Jen of Las Piñas, who's no less than their ex-housemate herself. While Ruben's long wait for his painting to be sold finally came with Riza Reyes as his savior. With this, the housemates were able to save their beloved piglets from being taken away.

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