Saturday, December 22, 2007

Unveiling Their Kris Kringle Babies

December 21, 2007 11:44 PM

PBBCE2_presents1221.jpgBig Brother finally put an end to the housemates Kris Kringle last night. But before they got their respective Christmas wishes for their loved ones, they first had to identify who their babies are. But since the “parents” were busted due to their own carelessness or their babies’ “overt curiosity”, they were required to make out each of the housemates’ monito or monita. Tinsel-wrapped chairs were laid in the garden where they have to take turns in sitting their baby beside their baby’s baby until the circle is completed. And even if Mommy Yayo wasn’t around for this final challenge of their gift-giving activity, a blank seat as intended for her. Except for the one arranging their respective positions, the rest of the housemates were blindfolded to avoid cheating.

Mariel was the first one to try it out and her nosiness certainly helped her along. With her accomplishment came an ultra fun and trendy computer game for her nephews Havey and Paco. The succeeding attempts were also successful. As such, Gaby got voice lessons from TrumpetMusicAcademy and Playshop for her sister, Riza had a Christmas food basket for a close friend whom she met here in the country and Ethel received garden statues of Snow White and the seven dwarves for her friend in Cebu.

PBBCE2_presents1221.jpgActually, most of them made requests for their pamangkins. For the boys, Jon asked for a doll with a complete set of its accessories, which was obviously for his niece. Baron picked a board game so he can bond with his little nephews. Will got a DVD compilation of his PBB experiences for his proud mom to show to their neighborhood. Then when it was time for Ruben’s turn, Big Brother almost forgot him, much to the housemates’ sudden burst of laughter. In the end though, he obtained a plane ticket for a family reunion. However, he later asked Big Brother if his gift was meant as a one-way ticket. Does this mean that he’s gonna provide for her mom’s return ticket? Let’s see what Kuya has to say to his dilemma tomorrow on Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!

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