Monday, December 17, 2007

Big Brother's version of "Kris Kringle"

December 18, 2007 1:14 AM

PBBCE2_monito1217.jpgBig Brother inserted a different meaning to our concept of “Kris Kringle” when he required the housemates to accomplish a good deed for their respective “monito” or “monita” in this Christmas-inspired activity which started last Friday. The only hard part is the need to tell Kuya their planned acts of kindness for it to be counted. As such, their momentum sometimes escapes them. But now, they’re becoming better at sneaking their little surprises.

The thrill of Kris Kringle comes from the secrecy of the “giftgivers” identities, whom the housemates fondly call “Mommy or Daddy”. But it seems most of them already discovered their mysterious parents during the weekend! Mariel’s penchant for unraveling secrets is partly to blame for she’s unstoppable in finding out ‘who’s doing a good deed to whom’. Tonight, she discussed the ‘secret going-ons’ to Gaby who has also learned who her Daddy is.

PBBCE2_jon1217.jpgIn the girls’ bedroom, the two talked about Ruben’s efforts in preparing his mini-gift for Gaby. The latter was so surprised how he could have known that ‘12’ is her trademark number during her car racing competitions. Mariel on the other hand complained how her Daddy is yet to give her something nice this week. As if on cue, Jon swiftly placed a small pack of marshmallows and a flower in a high candle holder by the door. It was only Yayo and Riza who saw him do it with the help of Ruben. They didn’t have to clue Mariel in for she must have known that she’s Jon’s monita all this time. Oh well

In the meantime, Ethel arranged a simple dinner for her housemates to celebrate her actual birthday tonight. As soon as her mouthwatering caldereta was cooked, she lighted some candles and sprinkled petals of roses on their special dinner table. Her continued silence made the housemates speculate that she’s having a date with a guest. Only after she wore a stunning red dress did she reveal that the romantic setup was meant for them.

PBBCE2_bdaydinner1217.jpgThis gesture merely highlighted that she is definitely a nurturer, which shows on her attitude towards her relationships. She further demonstrated her fondness for giving by bestowing the housemates her tokens of love and appreciation for making her stay a truly memorable one. But since her gifts included caps, Big Brother reminded his residents not to use them since wearing anything that will cover their faces is prohibited.

Who will stand out as the best giftgiver in their Kris Kringle? Are there those who are feeling “dissatisfied with what they’ve been receiving? Lastly, have they decided on their wishlist for Christmas day? Stay tuned to their fun festivities only in PBB Uber for your afternoon habit and Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on Primetime Bida.

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