Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flowers from the housemates

December 19, 2007 6:58 PM

PinoyBigBrotherMourning filled the famous yellow house as our celebrity housemates faced the day without their beloved Mommy Yayo. While thinking of a way to extend financial support to Yayo and her family, the housemates got the chance to do their first good deed for their "mommy housemate." Everyone worked together on a flower arrangement that they will offer to the wake as a symbol of love and respect for Yayo's departed mother.

While arranging the flowers, the housemates talked about the happy and unforgettable times they had with Yayo inside the house. It seemed that everybody missed the way Yayo would prepare breakfast, and of course, remind them to clean the table after eating. They also gave their personal messages, wishing Yayo the best during this trying time PinoyBigBrotherin her life.

Also, Uber host Bianca visited the wake early this afternoon and got the chance to talk to Yayo. After getting enough sleep and moral support from family and friends, Yayo is now feeling a bit better compared to yesterday. She remains strong by keeping her faith in the Lord, believing that everything happens for a reason. Yayo reminisced how her mother was such a happy and optimistic woman. Yayo also shared the premonition she had early this week when, for no clear reason, she felt uneasy and sick. She confessed how devastated she was for on the way to the hospital, she hoped that her mother was in a better condition to talk to her. Unfortunately, all was too late for Yayo, and now that her mother has already joined our Creator, all that Yayo could do for her is to leave Kuya's house and bring her to her final resting place.

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