Thursday, December 20, 2007

Portraits with the Piglets

December 20, 2007 1:15 PM

10-1220pigportrait1.jpgAfter Riza relayed the instructions, the housemates all got into the pigpen to get their piglets. They were all surprised to see how Peggy's littles have all grown. Ethel was even caught off guard when she tried to carry one of the piglets who have gained an unbelievable weight. The sexy-comedian, however, missed the company of her godpiglet Don who was taken out of the house after losing in the PBB Olympigs. Jon, on the other hand, decided to take Biboy into his care since godmother Yayo is already out. Meanwhile, the other housemates got all excited as they will have a chance to play 10-1220pigportrait4.jpgwith the hyperactive piglets.

The boys took out the painting materials from the storage room while the girls guarded the piglets, making sure that no one will accidentally fall into the pool. Then after a while, everyone got into their comfortable places as they begin their works of art. Big Brother also played some instrumental music to inspire the housemates in coming up with their respective masterpieces. The activity also served as an outlet for Baron to show his artistry with the brush and canvass. The rest, meanwhile, also took the opportunity to enhance their 10-1220pigportrait6.jpgcreativity and imagination.

But aside from the painting, the housemates must also spend some quality time with their piglets as part of the day's task. They must properly groom their godpiglets, scratch their bellies, and play with them all throughout the day. This seemed to be a perfect time for our housemates to enjoy the fresh air and the great sunlight on the garden. But the question now is, what can we expect from our housemates' paintings? Be sure to keep locked in here to see their beautiful masterpieces. Also, watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 for the latest happenings inside Kuya's house.

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