Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blinking Lights of Hope

December 13, 2007 10:05 PM

PBBCE2_blinking1213.jpgA huge chunk of the celebrity housemates’ efforts were dedicated to the making of their giant Christmas lantern, perhaps to atone for their laid-back attitude yesterday. Gaby and Ruben were in-charge of putting up the intricate electrical wirings of the blinking light bulbs while the others finished the cutouts of different colorful plastic strips for the frame’s trimmings. Unlike their usual energetic enthusiasm, a comfortable silence permeated throughout the house as their hands continued to create their work of art. To further inspire them, Big Brother even played various Christmas songs which they happily crooned every now and then. Just imagine their feeling of elation upon seeing the product of their labor light brilliantly, with only one defective bulb. Though this was a bit frustrating for the Racing Godess, she’ll surely find a way to fix this in no time.

Amidst their task, Big Brother called them to discuss their Kris Kringle. But instead of showering their manitos or manitas with little gifts, they are required to do a good deed for them per day until next week. But before accomplishing it, they should tell their plan first to Big Brother. This was his strict instruction to them or else, their act of kindness wouldn’t be counted. All the secrecy towards their respective “babies” were making them giddy. Mariel even noted that she’s bursting with the need to reveal her manita anytime soon.

PBBCE2_colorful1213.jpgIn the meantime, the Wild Child spent most of his time finishing earlier’s Uber challenge. Of all the housemates, he was the one who’s really encouraged to pass the end points of the PBB-looped live wire since he would benefit the most from the reward. After trying to wing it a lot of times, one wouldn’t be surprised that he finally mastered the tedious activity, which required serious control and concentration. What can we say? Baron will really move heaven and earth just to get some cigarettes. Other victors include Gaby, Ethel and we're still counting.

Will they win 100% of their bet tomorrow? What exciting surprises do the housemates have in mind for their lucky manitos and manitas? Catch these on PBB Uber for fun sneak peeks and the complete showing of their Christmas feats on the primetime episode of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

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