Thursday, December 13, 2007

The housemates' Christmas wish list

December 13, 2007 3:39 PM

09-1213wish1.jpgYayo relayed the great announcement which sent everyone into an excited mood. According to Kuya, they have to think of someone who they want to give a gift to this season, and also, what they want to give that person. But aside from being the giver, our housemates also had the chance to make a wish for themselves. The conditions, however, was that the gifts must be something specific and doable. This means they can wish for any material things to whatever dream experience they want, but they cannot wish to be a part of the Big Four, as the Mom in Distress made as a humurous example.

All the housemates then went on their own to think of a gift they want to receive. Riza joked and said she wanted a house and lot, and not just an ordinary property, but the whole Big Brother house itself. Meanwhile, Will decided to ride along with the Desirable Diva's comic mood by coming up with his own out-of-this-world wish. The True Lover then asked to have Kuya join him in the spa, and Riza could not stop herself from laughing at his idea.

At the garden, the other housemate reflected on the what they really want to ask from Big Brother. Surprisingly, thinking for the best gift for yourself proved to be a greater challenge. Gaby, Mariel, Jon, Yayo, and Baron began thinking of some cool gadgets they want, like an iPod, a cellphone, even a laptop. But 09-1213wish2.jpgYayo figured that she doesn't need any high-tech gadget as she is not a tech savvy person. Then all of them started to think of an extraordinary experience, like going on a trip and meeting a much famous celebrity.

One by one, our celebrity housemates were called into the confession room for their Christmas wishes. But most of them only told Kuya the gift they want to give to someone else as they all still don't have an idea on what they truly want for themselves. What will they wish for this Christmas? Stay tuned for the wish lists of our housemates. Also, watch Uber later at 5:30 PM for the last part of the Limbo Rock challenge and for a sneak peek into the Big Brother Bora cocktail party.

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