Friday, December 14, 2007

Housemates and Coke make a Christmas jingle

December 14, 2007 3:37 PM

09-1214jingle2.jpgGaby relayed the instructions of this task to the other housemates. They were given only an hour to write a one-minute Christmas jingle with the theme "hanggat may ako, ikaw, tayo, walang mag-iisa ngayong Pasko." With the help of Coke, the housemates got two cases of Coke bottles and one case of Coke cans which they will use as their musical instruments. The trick was they they must drink some of the sodas from the bottles and cans, and once all the containers had different amounts of soda in them, each will produce a unique sound once struck with a fork. As the housemates do the music with the bottles and cans, they must also sing the jingle that they have written.

09-1214jingle3.jpgKnowing that they have very limited time, the housemates hurriedly sat down together and brainstormed for their original Christmas jingle. However, song-writing proved to be a challenge for everyone, knowing that Mcoy was no longer there to help them. But the housemates squeezed their creative minds together to come up with a line or two. Kuya even suggested for Will to incorporate beat boxing into the jingle. Meanwhile, Yayo called on the help of Jon who apparently has a knack for writing. Ruben, on the other hand, tried making up some rhythm with the bottles and cans, and the Komedyanteng Promdi tried to review all the OPM Christmas songs he knows since he was a kid.

Will our celebrity housemates hit the right note on this task, or will they all sound off key to Kuya? Stay tuned to hear the special PBB Christmas jingle. Also in Uber later at 5:30 PM, purple dinosaur Barney, will be dropping by the Pinoy Big Brother house to see the HMs.

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