Friday, December 14, 2007

100% Win!

December 15, 2007 12:19 AM

PBBCE2_group hug1214.jpgEven without the frenzied holiday malling experience or the presence of their loved ones, the celebrity housemates were struck by the jolly Christmas spirit this week as they were tasked to build an eight-foot tall Christmas lantern that would match those of Pampanga’s creations. Coupled with the delightful Christmas jingles that were played these past few days, the housemates certainly gained the inspiration to make this a sure win with their 100% stake on it.

As they worked hard to complete the giant display, a lot of shocking events occurred that tested their long string of patience. There was Glady’s fits of temper, Big Sister’s rocky rule, the Patawa Queen’s voluntary exit and Mariel and Ethel’s homecoming. On the other hand, their overexcitement towards their colorful materials for their task led five housemates into violating Kuya’s rule on scribbling. Then ultimately, we have seen Baron’s outrageous exhibitions during their beach clubbing experience, in which the drinks were billed to the English Outcast.

PBBCE2_yey1214.jpgThrough it all, the celebrity housemates remained calm and collected enough to extend support and understanding when any of their “siblings” were at their weakest. At the same time, they unfailingly continued what they were assigned to do, that is, to finish their glowing work of art. And tonight, amidst the spectacular ABS-CBN concert-party right in front of the famous yellow house, they lighted the first PBB Christmas lantern for Big Brother’s inspection. It was clear that a positive remark was forthcoming since their finish product really stood out in all its flashing glory. All Big Brother could say was “Housemates, Merry Christmas!” And there goes their hard-earned budget worth P9,000!

To be sure, more surprises are in store for them this coming week. In the meantime, tune in for Ethel’s grand birthday party for a cause on December 16.

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