Friday, December 14, 2007

Baron is in Denial!

December 14, 2007 11:09 PM

PBBCE2_pbbcam1214.jpgBaron refused to behave himself for he was deaf to Big Brother’s reprimands. As such, Will, Ruben and Jon were assigned to sober him up by joining him in the secret room. They were explaining to him the reason why they were there when the Wild Child sneaked past the door. Still, his crazy protests to be freed were unheard. What he did next was quite repulsive though for he dangled his own briefs to the camera then his head. With that, Big Brother finally gave him one stick of cigarette on the condition that he would take his sleep right after smoking it. Just when everyone thought he was clear-headed at last, Baron lighted his cigarette on the storage room and continued his outrageous behavior. Ruben got really annoyed with his actions but the Komedyanteng Promdi thankfully got hold of his feelings.

The next morning, the Wild Child was in denial of his disgraceful manners. He claimed that he couldn’t remember anything that happened anymore for he was totally smashed with the alcohol he’d consumed. Luckily for him, the girls were easily forgive his transgressions and treated the whole thing as a fun experience. However, Big Brother’s all-knowing cameras recorded every shameful act he made. And the video of which was shown to him so he would hopefully realize the mistake of downing too much long island and something even stronger than that. He himself was disgusted with his actions to the point that he was denying any responsibility of all that kissing and touching. Only then did he grasp how naughty he can be when drunk.PBBCE2_lakastama1214.jpg

PBB Host Toni Gonzaga that the show sends its apologies to viewers who were appalled by this spectacle. She emphasized that Big Brother didn’t merely revealed this on TV for entertainment but he also wanted people to learn from Baron’s experience. For the Wild Child sincerely regretted making a fool of himself. “Pakiramdam ko nabura lahat ng magandang ginawa ko. I’ll make it up to you guys, sa mga tao sa labas, sa mom ko, kay kuya Donnie. Sorry talaga. Ampanget-panget talaga.” Big Brother accepted his humble admission of his mistakes. But of course, Baron still has to prove his sincerity. How will make amends for his misdeed? Stay tuned!

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