Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pseudo Nomination???

November 18, 2007 11:55 PM

PinoyBigBrotherSurprise, surprise, Kuya has got another trick up his sleeve. In tonight’s mock nomination with a twist, the big man of the house first let the HMs each pick a chip placed on a table beside the black medallions. 8 of those chips would be blank and 2 will contain Xs. The Xs actually stood for a face to face nomination and Mariel and Mcoy had no choice but to reveal their chosen nominees. Mariel gave one point to Mcoy for she felt he was too liked by the HMs to be voted. She gave her 2 points to Donnie, who was already longing to see his son. Mcoy, on the other hand, PinoyBigBrothernominated the Geislers and Victor. Baron received a point for being too maselan and Victor got 2 for Mcoy felt he has already accomplished his mission inside the house. Mcoy added that Vic has already an advantage over the other two models, Jon and Will, for he has a string of projects waiting for him still outside.

The housemates are actually in a jolly mood tonight and all have probably adjusted to nominating. The Geisler brothers took their nomination announcement in stride being veterans of this PinoyBigBrotherprocess. Jon uttered a very loud ‘no’ but it was actually all in jest. Riza smiled after hearing her name called but tears began to fall as she sat down with the other girl HMs. Of course, the seriousness of being a nominee for eviction will sink in later within the week. But how will Baron, Donnie, Jon and Riza feel when they later on discover that the nomination that occurred is null and void and that voting is actually still off?

Just keep it here for the developments of the mock nomination with a twist! What tasks await our bogus set of nominees? Also don’t dare miss the final week of Mariel’s saga inside Kuya’s house. She may be leaving at the end of the week but she received a 100 second encounter with a special someone. Who is this mystery man? All this and more on PBB Uber, weekdays at 5:30pm and Primetime, right after Lastikman.

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