Sunday, November 18, 2007

HMs Learn Some Flight Tricks

November 17, 2007 4:05 PM

05-1117mcoy.jpgIf there's one thing that a housemate will learn inside the PBB house, it's learning how to improvise during desperate times. During the presentation of the "Lipad Chopper Lipad" task, our celebrity housemates used their wild imagination in winning this weekly task. Instead of using the remote control in flying the toy choppers, everyone, out of frustration, just held the choppers in their hand and passed it from one helipad, then through the series of loops, and finally, to the landing helipad. However, Big Brother did not allow the housemates to fly away with cheating, and he declared the weekly task a failure. But Kuya admitted that he had a great time watching the wacky flight tricks, so he handed the housemates a prize for their creativity.

Baron was the first to take the control, but on his first try, the blue chopper lost power, so the Wild Child tried his luck on the red chopper. But right after starting the control, the red chopper 05-1117jon.jpginstantly crashed to the ground. Convinced that he will not be able to do the task, Baron frustratingly picked the chopper guided it across the loops and into the landing pad with his bare hands. Everyone laughed at Baron's foolish antics, but realizing that the trick made sense, they also employed the same tactic.

In the end, the housemates just decided to play around with the task without even worrying about the 75% bet that they were about to lose, as if what was more important was for all of them to have fun. Ethel even reasoned that according to Kuya's instructions, the choppers must get through the loops and land on the helipad, but there was no mention that they must use the control. Jon even took the helipad and used it to toss the chopper through one loop to another. But of all the madness in the crazy task, it was Will and Baron's act that was the winner. Will moved the chopper around like a true helicopter in an action flick, and as added fun, Baron stepped up on one building and pretended like King Kong. It was an 05-1117baronwill.jpgimpressive acting that Big Brother later commented "Baron, may hawig!"

But all in all, Kuya was disappointed with the turn out of the task. He then announced the heartbreaking crash failure of all the housemates. At first, Kuya thought of handing Php 1,500 worth of budget for next week. But to everyone's surprise, Big Brother decided to give out two special awards worth Php 500 each. Baron was hailed as Best Supporting Actor for his King Kong performance, while Will earned the title of Most Creative Flight. As a total budget for next week, our celebrity housemates will have Php 2,500.

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