Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lighter side of dreaded nomination

November 18, 2007 2:26 PM

PBBCE2_ruben1118.jpgA leisurely chat has now become a routine for the housemates especially on a Sunday. But instead of worrying over the nomination process, the Musikerong Daddy made it hilarious by sharing his observations during the dreaded weekend nights. Will and Victor were his first targets as he recalled how they looked when Toni made them stand up while she proclaimed the possible reasons why they may get nominated. Mcoy noted that the Lonely Dreamboy indeed appear like a little boy while the True Lover looked so paranoid about it.

As it happens, he also noticed that among them, it was always Jon and Will who are mostly bothered every time they do the usual rounds for nomination. Since the two always feel that they will be placed on the ‘death row’ next. But then again, Mcoy distracted them this time by imitating the English Outcast’s British accent while portraying an exaggerated plea towards the viewers if ever he got nominated. Knowing PBBCE2_jon1118.jpgJon’s twisted grasp of the Filipino language, everyone started laughing at Mcoy’s antics coupled by Ruben’s additional quips.

In the midst of their heckling, they mused that perhaps they could attempt a jolly attitude when they reel in for the at-risk block. They even thought of a cheer which they will showcase later tonight. Mariel even laughingly dared them to do that. But of course, they can easily talk about it now but facing the ‘real thing’ is totally a different matter. We will soon see if they will be true to their jokes. For now, the group broke off to catch some rest before plunging on another HOH challenge if things go on schedule. Who will take the honor this time around? And more importantly, who will be in peril for next week’s eviction? Keep it here for the latest happenings on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

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