Thursday, December 6, 2007

Unraveling the housemates' secrets

December 06, 2007 11:40 PM

PBBCE2_gwengarci1206.jpgIt was not Jon but Gaby who won the Memory Game yesterday. But aside from sharpening their skill in remembering things, Big Brother took the cue from Ruben’s curiosity why Janno Gibbs was included in the set of giant photos of themselves, their loved ones and some ex-housemates. Gladys was sick so she wasn’t in attendance during the contest. Hence, the Komedyanteng Promdi asked her about it. But Gladys refused to add anything to Yayo’s statement that the singer-actor was once linked to her.

Later on, Big Brother enabled his residents to learn more about each other through the pictures in the giant deck of cards. First, he asked them to pick the ones who are closest to their hearts. Next were the hilarious baby pictures of Ethel Booba, Toni GonzagaPBBCE2_derekramsay1206.jpg and Mariel Rodriguez whom they didn’t recognize at all. Lastly, they selected some photos of celebrities, who seemingly don’t have any connection with them.

Why were there snapshots of Gwen Garci and Derek Ramsay in the lot? Obviously, Big Brother anticipated their interest on this. Baron immediately volunteered the information about Will’s former relationship with the Viva Hotbabe. However, the True Lover denied it, saying that he merely dated her a few times. This resulted to much heckling towards him and Riza.

What’s most surprising to them though was Derek Ramsay’s connection with the Racing Goddess. Will, who was holding the said actor’s picture, thought that the link was Mariel’s attraction towards the ‘sexy chef from Ysabella’. PBBCE2_gabyonderek1206.jpgNo one had a clue about the truth so Big Brother had to nudge Gaby about it. But all she said was good friends. Naturally, her ‘showbiz response’ only made them conclude that Derek may be a former flame of hers!

All these teasing may be amusing but on the offset, the Racing Goddess had to face punishment after she jumped in the pool to save Porkchop last Monday, wetting her lapel mic in the process. Apparently, this is the reason why she and Donnie are sharing the latter’s lapel mic these days. What will be the consequence of her mishap? Find out tomorrow on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2’s primetime episode. Also, keep watching PBB Uber for the latest happenings inside the big yellow house.

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