Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gaby spends the night with the piglets

December 07, 2007 1:44 AM

PBBCE2_anime1206.jpgTonight may be devoid of any tiring games but the celebrity housemates remained busy in creating their anime skit. They were given a five-minute clip from an episode of Naruto to guide them on the actions they have to mirror. However, their script should not be based on it but an entirely different story. To make it easier, they used their anime characters as a basis of their plot. It would feature a long-standing family feud between the Wasabis and Lees. You can expect a love triangle between Sashimi, Bog-lee and Saske on this performance. But for now, Gladys is still leading the group in writing their spiels.

Meanwhile, Gaby’s punishment is currently in progress. As seen on the primetime episode earlier, they were given a task to teach their piglets some tricks. White sand was even laid around the garden where Peggy’s brood can play around. But as soon as Porkchop was freed in the area, it started to run in circles, leaving the Racing Godess hard on her ‘godpig’s heels! Unfortunately, the chase ended in the pool where she drenched her lapel mic. Everybody knew that this meant a serious consequence for her to gain a new one just like Will's experience.

The Racing Goddess humbly admitted that it was her responsibility to take good care of her lapel mic even amidst pressing situations. Unfortunately, herPBBCE2_loveteam1206.jpg punishment did not only include sharing Donnie’s lapel mic. As it happens, the rest of the housemates were given a chance to make their suggestions to Big Brother. And the winning penalty was Jon’s, “Live with the pigs for one night.” She began to enact this after their nerve-wracking game earlier. She was all by herself at first but Donnie eventually joined her in the pigpen. What’s more, he promised to stay there throughout this 24-hour task! Can the Racing Goddess last without feeling bad about it?

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Anonymous said...

vote for donny..he is a nice guy..pls support him as well as gaby

Anonymous said...

donny deserves to stay inside the pbb house, pls vote for him,,,he shows that he is a versatile man, who could accomplish every tasks of kuya...

Anonymous said...

donny shows concern to his housemate.pls vote, for him to stay..go donny..we love you

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