Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mind Games

November 07, 2007 11:53 PM

PBBCE2_will_news1107.jpgThree weeks is certainly a long time especially when both the showbiz world and the country at large have been bombarded with such shocking events. In that sense, the celebrity housemates have indeed missed so much as they live in seclusion at the big yellow house. As such, just imagine how they felt the minute they absorbed the distressing headlines from Pinoy Big Balita!

A day after they received the fax message regarding the audition for the newscasting stint, Big Brother told them that the time had come for him to select those who possess the voice, poise, and talent to deliver fast-breaking information to the public. To prepare themselves for it, they even ran through some known Tagalog tongue-twisters like “nakakapagpabagabag”.

Still, they couldn’t help faltering over their words once they stood in front ofPBBCE2_newscasters1107.jpg the tele-prompter to read the news. Speaking in straight Filipino was difficult particularly for the ingliseros and ingliseras in the house. Beyond that however, what was equally distressing to them were the reports that they were reading. Of all the headlines, they were thrown back by the Glorietta bombing. Hence, what was supposed to be a fun activity turned out to be quite alarming. Mcoy and Gaby realized that the PBB staff wouldn’t dare joke about such a serious matter.

But that wasn’t the only thing that stressed them out. Other featured headlines were the following "User Housemate", "Brawl between Jen and Marylaine on Boy & Kris" "PBB Celebrity Edition 2, Extended Ng Two Weeks", "Erap's Freedom" and "A Housemate's Special Friend, Spotted Dating A New Girl". They finally heard these straight from Ethel and Ruben, who passed the try-outs. As it is, Big PBBCE2_tinamaan1107.jpgBrother gathered them on the living room to show the finished video. And it was Mariel who got really shaken upon hearing the rumor which was really ‘close to home’.

Is there a ring of truth in this newscasting activity? Will the things they’ve heard continue to haunt them in the coming days? Keep up with all the daily dramas and intrigues inside the famous abode of Kuya on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 on Primetime Bida. And for the latest exploits of the celebrity housemates, tune in to Uber, weekdays, only at your Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN.


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