Monday, December 3, 2007

The boat is sinking, who will be the last man standing?

December 03, 2007 7:28 PM

PinoyBigBrotherThe HMs had another pool game today to determine this week’s HOH. To eliminate a player, a housemate must strive to be the best among seven mini-tasks. The winner of each mini-task will choose which HM shall be thrown over board and be ineligible to join the next round. At the end of seven rounds however, the eliminated players will be the ones to choose who will be the HOH between the two remaining people inside the boat.

Mini-task number one is card picking. The housemates had to choose a card from a deck and the one who holds the highest number will decide who goes out of the boat. PinoyBigBrotherRiza wins this task and she chose to boot out Yayo. The plastic balloon game came next and this time Gladys won by having the biggest bubble. She chose to throw Will overboard.

Flying paper airplanes followed and Yayo was chosen to judge which plane landed nearest to two flags. Jon was able to ‘fly’ his plane further than the flags which impressed the HMs. But it was Gaby who was able to get nearest the flags and she chose Riza to be eliminated from the game. The 4th mini-task was corn eating where the HMs must finish a cob of corn using only their fingers to eat the kernels. Jon definitely won the game this time and he booted Baron out of the boat.

PinoyBigBrotherThe 5th mini-task involved eating icky food out of three plastic cups. To determine the three HMs who will down the revolting mix of liquids, the five remaining players again picked cards from the deck. After getting the 3 highest cards from the deck, Ruben, Donnie and Jon then must drink whatever is inside their cups. Ruben, who went first because of his card, vomited before finishing his drink and was therefore disqualified. Donnie followed and drank his red drink in one gulp. He then got Ruben evicted from the boat. However, Jon was supposedly the one to go after Ruben so he was given the chance to complete the task. Unfortunately for Ruben, he was also Jon’s pick to go overboard.

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