Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Housemates teach the piglets some stunts

December 05, 2007 1:52 PM

08-1205sungkit.jpgPrior to the activity, everyone came out of the confession with a big piggy bank. As per Big Brother's instruction, each of the housemates must get a coin from the ceramic piggy bank. Each coin contains a specific stunt which they must teach their piglet to do. Gladys first tried getting a coin from the small hole in the piggy bank with the use of a kitchen knife. The rest helped out in holding the piggy bank upside down, trying to be careful not to break it. But after several minutes with no luck, Kuya advised Gladys that they can carve a bigger hole, but they just have to make sure that the piggy bank won't break.

Gladys was the first one to get a coin, and she picked the one that read "sit." Yayo also got the same coin while Ruben picked "shake paw". Gaby was surprised when she learned she had to teach Porkchop how to "stand on hind legs." Riza also picked the same trick, while Jon and Baron both have to teach their respective piglets how to "lie down."

08-1205pigtricks.jpgAfter drawing their assignments, the housemates all headed straight to the pen to get their wards. Gladys took charge of Babe and aside from the piglet's stubborn ways, the Patawa Queen found it hard to get a filthy and stinky piglet learn new tricks. Meanwhile, Gaby's very serious in training Porkchop, but while doing so, the Racing Goddess tripped into the pool and soaked her lapel mic. Poor Gaby! Would Kuya punish her like he did Will?

How will the HMs fare in their 'tricky' task? Keep it here for updates on the piglets's progress. Don't forget to watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 for another fun and exciting game between the Wasabi Team and the Lee Family!

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