Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HMs Dance The Cotillion For Yayo

November 15, 2007 1:22 PM

05-1115mcoyayo.jpgAny mother would always want to see their child celebrate his or her birthday. But in the case of Yayo, however, she could only cry because she can't be there for her daughter, Dana, in her 18th birthday. But Big Brother made a way so the Mom in Distress can buy her daughter a special gift on this special and once-in-a-lifetime occasion. All of the other celebrity housemates joined together to make a sacrifice for their one and only Mommy Yayo.

Our housemates must dance the cotillion, non stop. Every time the cotillion music would play, one pair must wear the tux and the gown provided in the living room and they must dance in 05-1115dana.jpgfront of the picture of Yayo's daughter. They must keep on dancing even if the music fades, but once the music plays again, the dancing pair must offer one flower to Dana's picture and then pass the costume to another pair. Each flower accounts for one hour, and there are 18 flowers that they must all finish up. This means that the task will go on for the next 18 hours until Yayo gets the special gift for her daughter.

On Kuya's signal, Mcoy and Yayo wore the costumes and started dancing. Yayo was very proud when she saw the picture of her daughter. Mcoy understood how this sacrifice was so important to Yayo as the Musikerong Daddy also has a teenage daughter. 05-1115baronmegan.jpgThe other housemates watched in support for the first pair, while Ethel carried on as Baby Posh which exempted her from this task. Then on the next music cue, Megan and Baron got on the costume and danced the waltz for yet another hour. Megan felt the dance as if she was already celebrating her own debut party, while Baron moved roughly like a drunkard.

For how long can our celebrity housemates go on with this task? If ever, what will Yayo get for her debutante daughter? Keep it here for more of this task, watch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM for the latest happenings inside the famous yellow house.

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