Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Big Debate Returns In Uber

November 14, 2007 7:15 PM

PinoyBigBrotherTaking a break from the strenous games in the past, Big Brother held a debate challenge in this afternoon's Uber. In a rivalry called Uber-sus, the boys and the girls battled each other through their wits in answering Kuya's argument. The debaters only had a minute to give their answers and convince the celebrity guest judge, no other than Kuyarazzi herself Beatriz Saw, to give them a point.

The debaters all wore their school uniforms, while Mcoy served as the debate moderator. Mariel and Ruben first took the podium on the argument "Gawain ba ng matinong tao ang pumatay ng langaw?" Mariel laughingly defended that flies should not be killed because they are not doing anything wrong and they are a part of nature. On the other hand, Ruben reasoned that since flies carry bacteria and spread diseases, they must be killed. Both PinoyBigBrotherteams cheered for their respective debaters, but Beatriz awarded the point to Ruben. As punishment, Mariel was made to go into the "box of punishement" where a ppail of ketchup poured on her.

In the second round, Jon and Riza debated over whether Peggy is more popular than Ms. Piggy. Jon said that Peggy is more popular because she is in the Big Brother house and Big Brother is a nationwide phenomenon and that Peggy is sexy and smells great. But Riza believed that Ms. Piggy is more popular because she had been around for generations and that Ms. Piggy is more talented, unlike Peggy who does nothing all day. Beatriz sided Riza, and as punishment, Jon bathed with an unknown brown liquid. But the boys got back on their feet when Will received a point over the argument "Tama bang itago mo sa crush mo na crush mo siya?" Despite struggling with his Tagalog, Will reasoned that at times, a crush should be kept PinoyBigBrothersecret. On the other hand, Megan defended that one should not be ashamed about having a crush since it's just an admiration. Megan then head straight into the "box of punishement" where a black liquid poured on her.

Baron and Ethel followed next over the argument "Mas mabuti ba ang magpadagdag kaysa magpabawas?" According to Baron, having much is way better, and he used sleep as an example. He reasoned that having too much sleep is better than having less. But Ethel had a different take on the argument, and she said that one should not resort to cosmetic surgery because we should all be contented with what God gave us. With her hilarious yet sensible piece, Ethel won the point, and Baron had to deal with mud on his back. Finally, Yayo and Victor squared off on whether adults are more right. Although Victor believed that adults were raised in a much conservative culture, Yayo said that adults are also prone to mistakes like all human beings are. Yayo then took home the game, and as punishment, Victor had rats dropped on his head.

You may check out this fun debate in full tomorrow afternoon. But tonight, be sure to catch Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 right after Lastikman to see how Kuya leveled up the punishment on Baron and the reason Riza wept in the confession room.

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