Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kuya's girls face the outside world

November 14, 2007 1:19 PM

05-1114gabypresscon.jpgFresh from her exit from the Kuya's house, Gaby Dela Merced was the most talked about ex-housemate during the press conference. The Racing Goddess made a heartbreaking voluntary exit so she could attend the Driver Development Seminar for International Racing in Arizona, USA this coming November 16th to 18th. Gaby revealed that the seminar came up unexpectedly, but since she knew that such an opportunity is very rare, being a product of competitions and applications, she could not let it pass. She confessed to the reporters her deep passion for racing and even shared a crash-course lesson on the sport. Gaby said that being a race car driver is not actually as glamorous and profitable as it appears, having to find contacts and supporters to help her fund her dreams. But having been exposed to risks and hardships on the race track, Gaby managed to survive all of Big Brother's task, may it be on her own or with the group. This is why Gaby considered her month-long stay in the famous yellow house as a "life-changing" experience.

05-1114zarapresscon.jpgSpeaking of change, another ex-celebrity housemate who is ready to take the big leap is Zara Aldana. The former Mutya Ng Pilipinas and second-evictee, apparently, left her cry-baby reputation in the house and faced the press with a big smile. Zara even bravely clarified misconceptions surrounding her relinquishment of her pageant tiara. But her stay in the Big Brother house, no matter how short, made Zara a different person. Her being soft-spoken and timid may have been the reason for her eviction, but Zara said that she had learned a lot from her celebrity housemates which made her a different and better person today. Now, Zara is ready to put all the controversy and bitterness behind her to face all the new opportunities that PBB has for her. From walking on stage and waving at people, Zara looks forward to trying her hand in acting, singing and hosting. Let's just all hope that things will turn out the best for Zara.

05-1114jenpresscon.jpgBut how have things turned out between 2-in-1 ex-celebrity housemates Jen Da Silva and Marylaine Viernes? From the moment of her nomination and the time she learned that she was a 2-in-1 with Marylaine, Jen had never stopped voicing out her anger and frustration over the 26K girl. With her feisty attitude, Jen was tagged by many as a bad girl. But she revealed that she is not bad as many would think. "Hindi ako pasaway! Ganito lang talaga ako!" as Jen explained herself. She also defended her decision of keeping a grudge against Marylaine during the first week of their stay. For quite some time, Jen blamed Marylaine for their nomination and that if it weren't for Marylaine, Jen would have stayed much longer in the house to spend more happy bonding moments with her the other HMs like Ethel and Mariel. But now, Jen has realized that Marylaine was not responsible for them becoming a 2-in-1 housemates and had already accepted their fate as the first evictee of the season. Jen also admitted that she had just recently made the first move to make peace with Marylaine.

05-1114marylainepresscon.jpgMeanwhile, Marylaine kept an optimistic outlook as she faced the local press. The De La Salle graduate and Palanca Award winning beauty admitted that although she and Jen may not be the best of friends right now, she is happy that there's no more animosity between them. Marylaine now looks forward to whatever opportunities that will come her way. From time to time, the Brainy Babe would miss her fun times with Charmel and the other 26K girls on Kapamilya: Deal of No Deal. However, Marylaine remains confident that having the "ex-celebrity housemate" title on her resume, she could venture into more projects in showbiz apart from opening the Banker's briefcases. As of the moment, given her achievements at such a young age, Marylaine has received several invitations to speak in some seminars and events meant to inspire the youth of today.

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