Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will Chooses Riza Over Ethel

November 13, 2007 11:28 PM

PBBCE2_serve1113.jpgThe HOH game was held last Sunday night where the housemates fought for the title in what was dubbed as “Kapit Na”. They simply have to hold on to their individual punching bags and the last to lose his grip would win. After fifteen minutes, Will was finally hailed as the HOH. It was the Desirable Diva whom he chose as his partner for the special privileges that he would get this week.

As soon as she heard about it, Ethel immediately showed her hilarious dismay for not being picked by Will. The latter tried to console her but the Ultimate Pasaway merely threatened to pack her things again and leave the house! To Big Brother, she revealed that she really thought that Will would choose her since it was she who cheered him on during the game.

She was in for a big surprise though when Big Brother added fuel to her playful jealousy by asking her to interrupt the hottest PBB couple on their dinner date for two! Seeing the romantic set-up sent her into a pretend-rage as she cried accusingly to the gorgeous model, “Bakit hindi ako ang pinili mo?” But the two merely laughed at her funny antics.

Ethel then shared the whole thing to the other housemates who are already used to her teasing quips towards thePBBCE2_garland1113.jpg True Lover. Her act went on until the Will and Riza joined them again. To stop her complaints, Will pomised to give her a massage or whatever it is that she wants. And the Desirable Diva was sport enough to know that Ethel was just fooling around.

That same night however, Big Brother announced that it’s pay back time for the recent violators. However, the corresponding punishment will be given on different instances. Baron already started to carry his bench last night. Who will soon suffer the consequences of their actions in the coming days? Keep it here for the latest happenings on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

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