Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cowboys Chase The Bulls

November 13, 2007 7:05 PM
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PinoyBigBrotherThe wild, wild, west invaded the famous yellow house in this afternoon's Uber! In a game called Bulls Versus Coyboys, two teams battled it out in this country-inspired competition. The Blue Team of Jon and Mariel, Victor and Yayo first paired to play as bulls. Jon and Victor wore horns on their heads to knock down the barrels in the center of the field to earn points. Meanwhile, the Red Team of Will, Riza, Megan, and Ruben played as cowboys protecting the barrel and will try to catch the bulls with long ropes to earn points. But the real challenge for them however was to perfectly PinoyBigBrothercatch the bulls running wildly around the big ranch.

Throughout the game, Mcoy and Ethel stayed outside the ranch to keep score of both the cowboys and the bulls, while Baron and Donnie served as game officials. In the first round, the Blue Team attempted to take down the barrel, but the Red Team caught them in their ropes, hence, the Red Team earned a point. The two teams traded places in the second round wherein the PinoyBigBrotherBlue Team managed to earn a point, but it was followed by another point from the Red Team.

After a couple of more rounds, Big Brother called off the game and announced the Red Team as winners with three points while the Blue Team only scored a point. As their prize, Will, Riza, Megan, and Ruben will get to taste the special steak dinner courtesy of Mariel's grandfather who is actually in the business of making steaks. Will Mariel find out that the prize of the other team actually came from her beloved grandfather? Stay tuned for more developments on this story. Tonight, catch new HOH Will treat Riza to a special dinner, that sends Ethel in a jealous yet hilarious mood. All that and more exciting happenings in Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 Primetime.

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