Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ethel: 1st Head Household

October 21, 2007 11:48 PM

PBBCE2Kuya’s not done with his surprises just yet. After revealing the two-in-one housemates and his first house guest he now introduces the Head of Household (HOH) concept into Pinoy Big Brother. How did he determine who rules the house? Simple – his own version of the kiddie game Touch the Color.

The house has been filled with tension since yesterday when Jen exploded at Marylaine after Kuya revealed that it was the Brainy Babe’s fault they were in the nomination block. The two are since then bickering inside the prison room where are they still serving time for violating the rule on nomination secrecy (Jen) and revealing the two-in-one status of the HMs (Marylaine). Megan, another nominee for this week, is also trying her best to get back on the housemates’ good side by giving Peggy the pregnant pig enough attention.

On this rainy evening, Kuya had the HMs wear giant hands as costumes. The celebs were fascinated on the differences of the PBBCE2hands’ designs and were even joking about the finger positions. They then all proceeded to the activity area where they discovered that Kuya wants them to play his version of the game Touch the Color to determine the very first Head of Household.

What is the Head of Household? Well, the HOH for the week get special privileges like use of the special shower room with his or her chosen housemate and immunity from the next nomination. The HOH also gets the power to automatically place another housemate up on the nomination block. The HOH gets changed and chosen weekly through Kuya’s special games and challenges. A two-in-one HM however must chose who will represent the ‘team’ in the challenges and nominated HMs cannot participate in the HOH activities.

The game commenced upon Kuya’s signal and unfortunately Mcoy was the first one eliminated from the game. This started a trend for the other male housemates followed him one by one – Baron, PBBCE2Victor, Will, Jon, then Ruben. Kuya heckled the boys because of this and commended the women for standing their ground. The girls fiercely competed with one another but of course there had to be only one. Gaby got eliminated followed by Riza, Mariel then Zara.

The last women standing were the Ultimate Pasaway Ethel and Mom in Distress Yayo. It was obvious from their looks that both were pretty determined to be the HOH. The two were tied at first but in the next round, Ethel emerged as the photo finish winner. The other HMs joyfully cheered her on while Kuya announced that he requires Ethel’s presence in the confession room.

Ethel is now informed on the privileges of the HOH. As the first ever in PBB, will she use her powers wisely? Catch Ethel and her execution of these powers on PBB Primetime and on the second nomination night this Sunday. Also don’t miss the unfolding of a fairytale tomorrow on PBB Uber at 5:30pm.

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