Sunday, October 21, 2007

The First Nomination Aftermath

October 21, 2007 3:25 PM

PBBCE2_BITTER1021.jpgMost of the housemates have settled down in their comfort zones, sleeping over the relieving fact that their butts are saved for next week's eviction. Even Megan who cried buckets of tears last night had left her fears alone and concentrated on the things that await her attention for the day.

Despite the common jolly spirits of everyone, Jen remains bitter about her two-in-one status with Marylaine. The two bunked together inside the punishment room which further caused the Despised Babe to unnerve her “inmate” by emphasizing the injustice of being paired with someone who has gotten the ire of the girls.

Jen was discreetly seething until this morning as she opened up her feelings to anyone who’s interested to hear her grumbles. It was obvious that she’s still undecided whether to be mad about her “twin” or simply let her be. She thought that using their clothes without permission was intentional since annoying Mariel, Riza and her were part of the Brainy Babe’s task.

This is what she has been saying to Victor, Riza, Zara and Mariel, though the only thing that's clear is Big Brother’s instruction towards Marylaine -- to keep the conditions of the Two-in-oneoct21_silence.jpg housemates secret. The issue regarding the wardrobe thing is still subject to clarification. Jen can hardly accept this rule since she and Marylaine have opposite personalities. How could she be nominated that way when all she did was her best these past few days, she complained. At the same time, she felt bad about her former 26K colleague for her troubling experiences so soon this season.

Life continues though with Yayo leading Gab and Mariel into the pig pen to clean it and at the same time feed “Peggy”. The newest addition to the house is a preggy pig which the ladies have to baby-sit for the rest of the week, until it finally goes into labor. The three happily bathe the pig with their unlimited water supply. In turn, Peggy quietly stayed put while the Racing Godess good-naturedly scrubed its body.

Once they were finished, Yayo proceeded to keep Peggy’s area spotless. But not only did Peggy pee inside, but she also left a ‘mound' which the girls have to sweep again! Megan then assists Yayo in dumping it into the drainage. If people expect them to turn away from this task, they will see for themselves that everyone enjoys looking after the pig. The fact that the pig didn’t make any fuss made their jobs easier.

PBBCE2_piggy1021.jpgAt the moment, Big Brother is merciful enough to give the celebrity housemates free time to just laze around. That’s because a nerve-wracking competition lies ahead! For the very first time, PBB will put more pressure among the contenders by having a Head of the Household! How will Big Brother's residents take this news? And who among them will have this privilege? Watch out for the whole run of this exciting twist in the game and more stories on the aftermath of last night’s nomination later on PBB Celebrity Edition 2 special episode on the primetime block after That's My Doc.

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