Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tears fall!

October 21, 2007 12:57 AM


Do good things have to end this early? It’s been barely a week for our housemates inside the Big Brother house and they have to experience nominating someone so soon. And at the end of the first Nomination Night, either Princess of Charm Megan Young or Two-in-one housemates Marylaine Viernes and Jen Da Silva will be facing eviction next Saturday.

Before the nomination process started this morning, the housemates except for Baron and Jen were informed of the two-in-one ruling for the Geisler’s and the 26K girls. Ethel, surprised at this new ruling, even joked that she alone is already a three-in-one housemate referring to her ‘assets’ as two additional housemates. The group then proceeded with the nomination process, with Mariel, Kuya’s spy joining in the activity. Although her votes were not counted, Kuya wanted to Mariel to have the complete housemate experience. Mariel wanted to give the entire 3 points to Marylaine but she opted not to thinking how it will affect Jen, whom she has gotten close with. Mariel then decided to give the 2 points to Zara for having her own little world and the other point to Mcoy for she can’t think of any PBBCE2one else to vote for.

After announcing Will, Riza, Mcoy, Gaby, Ruben, Jon and Victor safe, Toni let out the first shocker of the night – soft spoken Megan gets first dibs on the nomination block. Megan looked truly scared after hearing the verdict and could not stop the tears from streaming down her face. Megan got a total of 7 points because the housemates reasoned that she’s a bit aloof and they haven’t gotten to know her plus she’s a bit too ‘maarte’ for their taste specially her being too picky about food.

Jen suffered the consequences of Marylaine’s behavior and the two girls got a total vote of 15 points, earning them a spot on the nomination block also. A lot of the housemates don’t really get Marylaine’s attitude and they find her too sensitive and ‘mataray’. Jen cried her heart out instantly and felt she did nothing wrong to get the ire of the other housemates. All Marylaine could do was PBBCE2console her friend, not knowing that she was actually the cause of their misery.

You have power to save you favorite housemate! Vote for the celebrity who truly deserves to stay inside Kuya’s house. Text BB 2 for Megan or BB 8 for Marylaine and Jen and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless subscribers; 231 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers.

Meanwhile, Will’s duet with Riza got two thumbs up from Big Brother, thanks to Ruben’s patient coaching. Kuya finally returns Will’s lapel mic, and orders him to retrieve it from a piggy bank inside the activity area. Will though was stunned with Big Brother’s surprise, he had to retrieve his lapel mic inside the giant piggy bank filled with cockroaches. But the True Lover had no other choice but to get his lapel mic and injure the crawly creepers he hates.

Will the nominees resent their housemates decisions? Get updates on this and more tomorrow as we get to experience the very first Head of Household day live on Pinoy Big Brother Sunday right after That’s My Doc.

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