Monday, December 10, 2007

Big Sis plays Truth or Dare with the Housemates

December 10, 2007 7:11 PM

PinoyBigBrotherThe housemates were tasked to pick a name from the eggs in the bowl. Whoever is chosen must answer Big Sister's question, and if ever they fail to satisfy her with the truth, they must perform a consequence. Gaby first picked Yayo's name, and the Mom in Distress was asked on who she thinks is the housemate who has the most stinky fart. Yayo then pointed at Ruben who apparently has the ability of sending people running with his 'gas'. Then came Riza's turn to say who is the most handsome housemate, an honor she truthfully handed to Will. But when the Desirable Diva failed to justify why she finds Will so handsome, Big Sister ordered Riza to kiss her elbow. However, all the housemates got so excited when Jon took his turn. Big Sister, PinoyBigBrotheraka Mariel, could not help but to feel embarrassed over it. Big Sister then asked Jon who he thinks is the housemate who smells great. Jon first joked that he likes Peggy's fragrance, but later said that it was really Mariel. But Big Sister was not convinced by his answer though, so he told Jon to eat the fried head of the chicken.

Gaby was the most ill-fated of all when she was asked to finish a whole fried chicken by herself. The Racing Goddes failed to convince Big Sister on why she values Donnie as a friend. Baron, on the other hand, drank a shot of tequila and a hot sauce after saying that smelling his own feet is his only deep-dark secret, an PinoyBigBrotheranswer which Big Sister found so safe. But the game made a U-turn on Jon, and when Big Sister was unable to come up with a question, Yayo volunteered to do the questioning. Yayo asked what the Fil-British hunk failed to tell Mariel during last Saturday's live eviction when the two had the chance to talk. Jon, however, decided to keep the truth to himself, and as a consequence, he helped Gaby finish the whole chicken. For other hilarious happenings in this fun Truth or Dare game, watch Uber tomorrow afternoon at 5:30.

The exciting Truth or Dare, however, was cut short when the voice of Big Brother once again echoed inside the house. All the housemates were happy to have their beloved Kuya back, but for Gladys, the moment of truth has finally come. The Patawa Queen cried upon hearing Kuya who asked on how she was doing. Gladys then said that she is slowly slipping into depression, and that's why Big Brother swore to her that he will talk to her in the confession room. In tonight's Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, watch Gladys's emotional breakdown when Big Sister failed to give in to the Patawa Queen's demand of making a voluntary exit. Later after Ysabella, find out if Gladys will push through with her decision of leaving the house.

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