Monday, December 10, 2007

Big Sister's Duties

December 11, 2007 12:24 AM

PBBCE2_bigsisNjon1210.jpgOn day 57, Mariel looked forward to her role as Big Sister particularly since her plasma tv gave her a perfect view of Jon’s pecs! Such hilarious moments though headed a turn for the worse as Gladys expressed her desire to quit. And Big Sister’s advice to wait until Big Brother’s return only made her more unstable. This seriously freaked Mariel out until the Big Red Phone suddenly worked! Upon receiving a call from Big Brother, she rushed on to explain the critical situation involving his latest resident. In no terms did she agree to allow exit to the Queen of Patawa under her rule. But Big Brother refused to offer his counsel since the responsibility of heading the house was hers for that time.

As such, Big Sister decided to deal with Gladys’ appeal until later. In the meantime, she proceeded with the 'Piglympics', where the piglets underwent various games together with their ‘godparents’. First off was the race to the finish line on the track followed by a food fight. But since Peggy’s brood couldn’t stay put, the housemates took the reins and fought for them instead. Yayo and Riza ruled in finishing the cereals using only their mouths. However, the final standing placed Will, Baron and Riza on the top slots, leaving those with the lowest scores on another challenge to complete the ‘Pig Four’. It required them to emulate Nora Aunor’s memorable line in Minsan May Isang PBBCE2_olympics1210.jpgGamu-Gamo. Yayo outmatched her opponents with her dramatic performance so it was up to Ruben and Jon to decide who between them would give up their ‘godpig’. The English Outcast made it easy though by agreeing to relinquish his ward without much fuss.

At nighttime, Big Sister still kept their hands busy through the continuation of their ‘Santa Housemates’ task. After wrapping the presents for the thirty chosen recipients, Big Brother’s residents wore their Christmas costumes for their next activity. This was when Gladys threw a fit after declining to join the group's merriment. How did Mariel and the housemates handle the Queen of Patawa at her breaking point? Keep it here for the latest drama and intrigue in the most-talked about house in the land!

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