Monday, December 10, 2007

Gladys makes her exit tonight!

December 10, 2007 8:14 PMPBBCE2_bye2nd1210.jpg

After a day out of the big yellow house, Big Brother is finally back. With Gladys’ raring to leave his famous abode since yesterday, it seems that this is the first thing on his to-do list that he fixed with such swiftness. As it was, Mariel as Big Sister couldn’t be hasty when the Patawa Queen expressed her wish to quit than stay and become another ultimate pasaway for not participating on the housemates’ day-to-day challenges.

For instance, she didn’t play for the three-on-three wheelchair basketball finals because of her back problem, which everyone certainly understood. But eventually, her physical limit hindered her from fully participating in the tasks—not to mention the boredom she often felt everytime she couldn’t find someone to talk to.. Though she tried to make up in other areas, it somewhat showed that being a housemate at this time is not meant for her.

More than that however, she reached her breaking point last Monday when the celebrity housemates held a racePBBCE2_byefirst1209.jpg for their respective piglets. Handling Peggy’s young ones was really a big deal for her. She insisted that she’s fussy when it comes to hygiene and anything that may endanger her health. As such, she totally refused to play her part in yesterday’s Battle for the Pig Four. In fact, she was willing to accept any punishment in exchange for her defiance. As it happens, her one-on-one with Big Sister left her with nothing but patience to wait for Big Brother’s return.

And with his arrival earlier, in the middle of the celebrity housemates truth or dare game with Big Sister, he immediately had a heart-to-heart talk with the Queen of Patawa in the confession room. There she continued her explanation about her feelings of depression and her real reasons for wanting to relinquish her privilege as his resident. After their serious talk, the housemates came in next to hear from him the news of Glady’s departure. Then they honed in on her while she finished packing her things.

PBBCE2_byefirst1210.jpgFarewells are always hard but since they expected this for days now, they merely wished her well and thanked her for keeping them entertained during her stay. On the other hand, Gladys sincerely apologized for her weaknesses.“Hindi ko kaya. Hindi ako makasabay sa inyo.Feeling ko kahapon pa andami kong sinuway. Hindi deserve ni kuya yun… Late nako. Kayo na ‘to. Ayoko na maging competitive,” she referred to her position as a newbie.

With that, Gladys finally left the same way that Mcoy and Ethel made their exit—as soon as the huge doors in the garden were opened. What will happen now with her gone? Will this affect Big Brother’s decision to allow Ethel Booba’s plea for admission? How about Gaby’s wish to make a voluntary exit? Will there be no nomination at all because of these events? Don’t miss the whole pie of these happenings on Pinoy Big Brother Primetime Bida!

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