Monday, November 26, 2007

All of these prizes could be yours if ...

November 24, 2007 10:27 PM

It’s an unusual Saturday night for instead of an eviction, it became a short film premiere and challenge night for the HMS. Although they triumphed their recent weekly task minus Mcoy and Ethel, Kuya invited director Maryo J. Delos Reyes to critique "Pamana". Direk Maryo judged the short film based on its structure and content. He had a lot of questions regarding the story for some of the main character’s intentions weren’t clear with him. He praised Donnie, Yayo and Jon for their impressive acting and all in all gave their project a rating of 2.75.
After the TV debut of "Pamana" Mariel was called into the confession room. The Celebrity Houseguest was anticipating her exit and was on the verge of tears while Kuya thanked her for going ‘above and beyond’ her duty as a PBB host. However, Mariel was astounded when the big man of the house suddenly revoked her exit tonight and said that the other HMs crucially need her during these trying times. Torn between being happy and sad, Mariel returned to the other housemates where she will receive another shocker.

Kuya’s special guests of the night, The ASF Dancers, made their way into the living area and displayed to the HMs boxes with cash amounts on them, similar to the ones they use on Wowowee. Mariel had to smile, seeing her colleagues on the noontime show again after a month. Big Brother then announced that he’s doubling the prizes the Big Four will be receiving. The 4th Big Placer will now get P400,000, the 3rd Big Placer P600,000 and the 2nd Big Placer P1.000,000. The Big Winner will now receive a Sony Bravia, a Goodah business franchise package, a condominium unit at Chateau Valenzuela and a whooping P2,000,000!

The housemates could not believe their ears but what took them aback the most was Kuya’s second announcement. The prizes will belong to the housemate who had the guts to stay until January 5, 2008, the date of PBBCE2’s Big Night. He also told them that he has opened the doors of the house and anyone who wants to leave can do so that very moment Everyone was dumbfounded, realizing that Christmas and New Year will be spent inside the house without their families and loved ones. But the housemates are actually tougher than what Kuya thinks, for they all agreed to stay.

The doors of the house are closed once again. And the housemates including Mariel are resigned to their fate. Will they survive the Holidays inside the big yellow house? Find out their reasons for staying on PBB Primetime after That’s My Doc.

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