Monday, November 26, 2007

Kuya welcomes Angel Locsin

November 26, 2007 4:35 PM

Angel received a warm welcome from the celebrity housemates last night. Trying to adjust to the new environment, Angel found herself being rattled everytime she would hear Big Brother's deep voice. Mommy Yayo offered the new houseguest some food from the fridge which fortunately is full because of their successful weekly task. Apparently, Yayo and Angel have already worked together in a show in the other network. But before fully getting the hang of being a houseguest, Angel decided to take a shower first. Mariel escorted her to the special shower room where Angel took her warm bath. Then later, Donnie and Ruben chatted with the new beauty of the house and the Komedyanteng Promdi immediately won Angel with his antics. Ruben ended up talking about his family, and Angel expressed his admiration over Ruben's sacrifice, being away from his wife and kids. Ruben further impressed the young lady with the special camote cue he prepared. But of course, the welcome would not be complete without Angel joining the housemates in their Rico Mambo dance.

The pretty houseguest later on had a good night sleep, feeling very at home with the accommodating celebrity housemates. However, no hanky panky for Angel for Kuya wants her to begin her task as soon as possible. Angel and the other housemates then got into their camouflage outfits and went straight to the activity area. What does Big Brother really want Angel to do during her stay inside the house? Be sure to keep it here for more fun with Angel and the housemates. Also, catch Uber this afternoon at 5:30 PM for a peek at Angel's entrance last night.

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