Monday, November 26, 2007

Not home for Christmas...

November 25, 2007 2:16 PM

Spending the entire holiday season without their loved ones proved to be terrible news for the celebrity housemates. The unexpectedness of which coupled by the plans they have surely made for Christmas certainly hit them hard. After all, most people really look forward to the Yuletide season. As such, staying this long may be the biggest challenge that they are going to face, even with the enormous incentives at the end of their journey.
In truth, Yayo claimed that she half-expected this already ever since their newscasting stint for the Pinoy Big Balita. Though of course, its impact last night was distressing all the same. Up to this morning, Victor still feels downcast about it. Perhaps he was thinking of his intention beforehand to attend the misa de gallo for the first time, among other things. Seeing how he is at the moment, Mariel asks him what she can do to cheer him up, only to be distracted by Baron’s funny plea to lighten his mood instead.

It seems that the Wild Child is the least worried of them all as he goes on teasing Will regarding his chosen candidate for nomination today. As usual, Big Brother is doing the rounds and Baron insists that the True Lover nominated him this time. Will merely laughs it off, knowing too well that talking about such things is prohibited. However, the Pasaway Actor quips that he can just wait for this edition’s DVD copy anyway to see if Will had put him at risk.
As Donnie says, the whole nomination process is truly difficult no matter how many times they have done it in the past. He can only hope that this week wouldn’t be as emotionally-draining as the previous days have been. With the HOH power still in the hands of the True Lover though, who among his housemates will be unlucky enough to receive an automatic nomination? More importantly, will some of them opt to quit because of the shocking extension of their seclusion in the most famous abode in the land? Don’t miss another heart-stopping nomination night on Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition later after That's My Doc!

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