Monday, November 26, 2007

Toast to Friendship

November 26, 2007 9:43 PM

PBBCE2_dinner1126.jpgAfter a day’s work, what better way to spend the night ahead than a happy reunion with a beloved housemate with matching home-made sinigang for dinner? They couldn’t contain their stories to tell as everyone catches up with Gaby, who’s equally excited to fill them in on all her adventures abroad and the whirlwind events that await her as soon as she touched ground here in the country.

But more than this, a very special gathering was prepared just for them! In the midst of their chatter, Big Brother suddenly detained them in their respective bedrooms where Mariel continued her animated review of all the games they’ve had including Jon’s mishap with his balls. BB’s spy was at her best element now that there are more people in the house, not to mention her favorite buddy Gaby.

What made the housemates all-keyed up however was when Big Brother told them to dress up as soon as possible for a fine-dining experience! Of course this leaves everyone surprised since there’s no obvious cause forPBBCE2_angelwill1126.jpg celebration. As it is, their elegant dinner table was set for the occasion with waiters to serve them their meals. Mariel mused that she has a ‘praning theory’ for this treat but she’d better wait for Kuya to explain himself.

To Angel and Mariel, the housemates teased that maybe this is his way of saying that they are his newest residents! The sexy tough chic could only hope that it’s not the case. But whatever it is, they simply decided to enjoy the sumptuous food as long as it lasted. All their speculations, fueled by what they can remember from the Pinoy Big Balita, took a backseat for now. But how will they feel once their predictions turn into reality? Stay tuned to more of Big Brothers’ guests and surprises this week!

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